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Rachel Alexandra has won several races por enormous margins. Here's part 1 in a tribute I am making for her wins where she DEMOLISHES the field - KENTUCKY OAKS. Wait for the "Special Features" at the end of these films.
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kentucky oaks
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I was my boarding schools Chrismas party. It was awesome until my friend Ally introduced me to her. Sabrina Taylor. The unbeliever. In horses, that is. Im an equestrian, and everyone knows that I would rather die of a bad fall than of old age. Of course, if I die of old age that would give me mais time to ride, but I'll be old and unable to.

"Hey Ally" I said walking up to my friend.

"Hey Lea.". He grinned back. "This is my friend Sabrina. Sabrina Lea." We shook hands. She looked me up and down and frowned.

"I have heard your name before, you were on some knd of event." She tapped her chin....
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So, if you think horseback riding is easy, watch this video. You'll have a change of mind. I dont own anything!!!!! I didnt even make this video!!!!!!
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hi i would like to invite every horse lover to breed your very own cavalos on the game howrse. it is realy fun and you can play on international and europa and American and Asia and Oceania. i play on the us one and am called american girl. i would like to sponsor anyone and everyone that wants me to. i also play on international and have the name lil' miss me. i am having fun breeding my cavalos and completing the objectives. when you first get an account it gives you quests not objectives. but once you complete them you get objectives. on howrse you can sell horses, breed horses,...
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I was sitting out in a field just wondering when will I ever get my dream horse I closed my eyes for a segundo and i heard a horse running towards me and i said "i know your there Colton (my little brother) and if your agervating me about my dream horse just leave" then i looked up and saw a beautiful black horse with a white estrela on it's head and i looked around and saw nobody and it already had a saddle and refrear, bridle on so i just hopped on it and urged it to go and it ran like the wind and I was having the time of my life i yelled WAHOOO and i guess my mom heard me because she ran out and yelled "Hey where are you first-aid kit or ambulância and i turned the horse around and went out of the woods and met my mom and she said "Where'd you get the horse ain't this your dream horse?" I said "yes" and my mom said "you can keep it" and i squeled today my horse's name is Misteria she is a girl who was 3 months pregnant with my new potro, colt spirit.

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