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Do you enjoy found footage films?

I've seen:
-The Visit
-The Gallows
-2 Paranormal Activity filmes (the most recent one and one of the other sequels)
-The Blair Witch Project
The only one I enjoyed was the Blair Witch Project, to be honest.
 0YouCanFly0 posted over a year ago
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jlhfan624 said:
Not at all. It's my least favorito sub genre. I don't find them interesting at all.
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posted over a year ago 
Makeupdiva said:
No, I watched Blair witch project and hated it with a passion, same with Quarentine. I thought they were boring and not scary. I have thought of seeing the Paranormal Activity franchise, but I'm a little unsure of seeing it.
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posted over a year ago 
I haven’t liked any of the Paranormal Activity filmes that I’ve seen. They’re just not really my thing.
0YouCanFly0 posted faz 9 meses
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