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Its An Almost Normal dia In Ponyville Pinkamena Making cupcakes, And me Making rainbows funny How shes My Factory Worker now. Anyway It all Started When Hell's Messanger Got Who I thought Was Pinkie pie In My Facillity. I put Her In that Room And Expected Her To die But I was Wrong. It Had Been A while Since I put her In There I finally broke When It Had Been Two hours. I looked In the room But found My self Shocked When My Tools (Glida,Gummy) Where Dead On the Floor.
"Oh Dash Your Just In Time For Cupcakes!~"Pinkamena Said.
"Wow Your a Lot mais Than I thought."I Said As the forno Dinged.
"What Where You Thinking?" She Said Angrily.
"I Needed A arco iris, arco-íris The dead Line Is Soon."
"Then Use a Tool." She Said Happily.
"Like who? I Took You For one." I Said.

To be Contiued....