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homeimp posted on Jan 03, 2010 at 07:54AM
Hi guys,
I want to decorate my bedroom without painting. Any suggestion or help in this regard.
then plz reply me.

With Regards,

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over a year ago AgnesC said…
Add a theme to your bedroom: You can quickly add a theme to any boring bedroom by purchasing a few items and adding a bit of details. You can hang a few model airplanes from the ceiling and add pictures of vintage airplanes to the walls, for an aviation theme. You can also add an abundance of palm trees and rubber plants, a small indoor waterfall, and put mosquito netting around the bed, to create a jungle theme.

over a year ago PJK56 said…
All you have to do is think of what you would like your room to look like and pick a theme. Lots of people are going with the beach theme. This is fun, and will go with any room and age. Just go with your personality and have fun doing it.

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