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Another Friday the same routine, Sharumi was getting tired of the same thing every day. It was like he was turning into a robot without the chance to change it. He woke up at 6:00 am right on time, got dressed, ate breakfast (frosted flakes), then got to school at 7:45 am. “If things keep going like this then I will go insane, I need change” he said to himself as he walked into the art class for the umpteenth time.
    Right when he walked into the classroom he walked right into a girl. “Who is this?” He asked himself, “Sorry, I didn’t see you there, my name is Sharumi and yours is…?” “Oh it’s ok. My name is Timaru I’m new here” She said quickly. “Nice to meet you… well I think we should grab some seats before all the good ones are gone OK” He said politely. “ OK.”
    As he took a assento in the front row Sharumi thought to himself “This may be the change I was looking for.” He was so deep in thought that he didn’t notice that someone was calling his name. “Sharumi… Yo Sharumi what are you thinking about man?” He looked up to see his friend Ragashki sitting seguinte to him. “Huh? Oh oi man I’m sorry just a lot on my mind I guess.” “That’s Sharumi for you always something on your massive brain, seriously you need to share the knowledge sometimes being too smart is bad for you” Ragashki said chuckling.
    “I was thinking of how much of a dope you are man” Sharumi said laughing “Seriously, I thought they kicked you out of this class because your grade started to slip.” Ragashki smiled “No way man, they can’t kick me out it would make them look bad if they kicked the quarterback out of the class. Plus I’m passing, barely but I’m passing. How about you anything interesting happen to you lately?” “Just the same old same old… well I did meet this girl.”
    “Really, you met a girl don’t make me laugh Sharumi, don’t let Maki hear you say that she will rip you a new one man.” “Oh, naw it’s nothing like that we just bumped into each other it’s nothing. But her name is Timaru, she’s new here. All we did was say hi really” Sharumi said. “ OK man whatever you say.”
    The rest of the class passed por as normal until seven minutos before the sino rang then it got weird. “This is an important news bulletin, there have been reports of dead coming back to life I repeat the dead are coming back to life” The news reporter said on TV “ Whatever you do don’t go outside, lock your doors and block you windows. Arm your selves as well as you can.”
    “WHAT!!!” Sharumi said “Is this some kind of joke, do they actually think we are stupid enough to fall for something like this?” “I don’t know man; it didn’t look like he was joking. Looked mais like he was about to piss himself. Let’s go find Maki and the others they might know mais about this OK.” “ OK man lets go find them.” Just as they started to leave Timaru grabbed Sharumi’s arm “Take me with you” She said ecstatically “I don’t want to be here with people whom I don’t even know their names.”
    “ OK, come on then but let’s hurry” They started down the hall when suddenly out of nowhere a girl jumped at Sharumi. “Oh my god, what’s going on? Everyone is freaking out over this… whatever this is going on outside.” “Maki” Sharumi said happily “Where is everyone else?” “Oh they are in the bathroom down this hall I was coming to get you so we could all get out of here together.”
“Well let’s go find the others then” Ragashki said “We need to get out of here soon.” When they got to the bathroom Sharumi started thinking “How will we get out of here? Why is this happening? Can we do anything about this?” As soon as they walked in they were greeted por a small group of people who somehow managed to find some weapons from the janitor’s closet and the wood working class.
There was Lilith who was holding a nail gun looking scared out of her mind, Sangu a lightly built Goth holding a broken mop stick, Zeta who was sitting in the corner with a mini sledgehammer, soldering gun, and three shovels from the gardens. “Do you think this is enough” Ragashki asked “I mean it doesn't look like we can really do much can we. We are just a bunch of teenagers for crying out loud.”
“We have to try man, it’s not like the adults are going to do anything. They are too scared to even walk outside right now” Sharumi said grabbing the sledgehammer and tossing it to Ragashki. “We have no choice but to do something.” “Sharumi is right” Timaru squeaked. “Who’s this?” Maki asked. “Her name is Timaru she kind of asked to come along so she didn’t get stuck with those people back there.”
“Oh, Nice to meet you Timaru my name is Maki this is Lilith, Zeta, and Sangu” She said pointing to each of them in turn. “Nice to meet you to…” “Is this everybody? I mean everybody who wanted to get out of here?” A slight murmur passed over the room. “ OK, who’s coming...? Tell me” Sharumi persisted. “Oh nobody in particular”
“What are you doing here Natsuki” Sharumi asked. “Oh no reason I just want out of this place just like the rest of you, plus your girlfriend invited me.” “WHAT!!! Maki why did you invite him you know we all hate him right?” “I know you hate him but I thought it would be a good idea for you two to get along for a little while plus the mais people we have to help us out the better we are right?”
“I guess your right but I still don’t like him” Sharumi said angrily. “Don’t worry man the feeling is mutual” Natsuki shot back. “Well not to sound rude but I think we should get going OK” Ragashki said. “Aren’t we in a hurry anyways?” “Yea we are. Let’s go.”
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