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 Nyotalia (Official Art)
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Official art por Himaruya.
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This hetalia - axis powers fotografia might contain anime, banda desenhada, manga, desenhos animados, mangá, and quadrinhos.

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Ok so I amor hetalia. It's my favorito show ever!!!! But I think a lot of people (mostly boys) are being turned away from the show for one major reason..... ALL the SHIPPING!!!!! I mean come on... usually fã girls don't bother me.... Usually. The problem is that every single person in the show is "gay" according to many fã girls. Ex. Yesterday I was watching an ep. (forgot which one XD) it was the one where Italy gets "killed" por ejecting himself out of Germany's car.. and the comments where all about how this totally means Germany x Italy is real!!! What O.o?? what did I miss??? So your...
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America stood in the middle of his large living room, tapping his foot anxiously. This was the first time that he had decided to allow his states to participate at one of his big blowout parties. Not to mention the first time that most of the nations would ever meet them as states. England knew them as colonies, Spain met them as territories, some of the states were once nations. But one on thing was for sure.
America was keeping France away from them as much as possible.
The states, however, were extremely excited for the party. Some had old caretakers that couldn't wait to reunite, if only...
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hetalia - axis powers
character song
aph sweden
hetalia - axis powers
aph Japão
character song
hetalia - axis powers
character song
aph france
The song is Just Around the Riverbend from Pocahontas. I didn't put much thought into how this song fits the Far East Asian countries. Maybe they felt like this right before meeting 19th/20th century Western countries.
hetalia - axis powers
south korea
The song is When You Believe from Prince of Egypt. I thought of the rollercoaster relationships of these three countries while making this video, and reached a new understanding of how these countries relate.
hetalia - axis powers
hi guys. this is just a opinion so dont get mad with me. ok here i go

Pinkie pie- Italy

Big mac- Germany

Maud pie- Japão or Greece

limestone pie- Romano

maçã, apple bloom- Seborga

Scootaloo- Sealand

Sweetie belle- Wy

Rarity- France

Silver Spoon- Ladonia

Twilight sparkle- Iggy/England/Britain

Princess Cadence- Finland

Shining armor- Sweden

Discord- Denmark

Princess Celectia- Norway

Princess Luna- Iceland

arco iris, arco-íris Dash- America

Fluttershy- Canada

AppleJack- China

Spike- Russia (idk...)

Trixie- Prussia

Owlicious- Flying Mint Bunny

Mare do Well- Romania (idk why i did this either)

sorry if u thought my idea was dumb i tried............ i hope u enjoyed though!~
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I have done this with my Windows Movie Maker 2.6 The song is Italy's last ano Eurovision Song Contest song. Song is in Italian. I decided to add this my video to this club too even though I already added this in hetalia - axis powers Couples! club.
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