Terms used in this fan-fic:

F/N : Full Name
Y/N : Your Name
B/F : Best Friend
Haphephobia: Fear of being touched and hugged
caffè ragazza: Coffee girl
Sì, signore?: Yes, sir?
Guten Tag, hübsches Mädchen: Good day, pretty girl.


You gaze across the room inside Worlds Cafe. It being an early Sunday morning, as in 3:34 early, business was extremely slow and only two people where in the cafe. You are not, in face, looking at the 20 ano old Italian who has thick, dark brown hair with Green eyes and a black business suit, but at the British bloke with blond hair, moss green eyes and a distant look in his eyes.

"Coffee girl!" snaps the Italian, causing you to jump, "Coffee. Here. Now." You Smile at the man. "Right away sir." You say cheerily. You grab the pot of black coffee and gracefully walk over to the Italian. You poor his coffee and he grumbles out a 'thank you.' You turn to walk away, but the Italian say, "Wait for a moment, caffè ragazza." You turn roll your eyes once before you turn around. "Sì, signore?" you ask, choosing to use Italian in hopes that you will get a good tip.

"Call me Romano." Says the Italian, "I just have to know. Are you from Britain?" You smile wider. "Yes I am. Derby, sir- I mean, Romano." The Italian Has a smug look on is face. "Okay then. Ciao, caffè ragazza." The Italian Throws some bills on the mesa, tabela and leaves.

After the Italian is out of sight, you sigh. Faking cheeriness is a challenge when you run a 3:00am to 9:00am shift. You count out the bills, take the tip you earned, and begin to clean up the table. You place the coffee mug and the plate on the tray and you bring it all to the back to be cleaned por the janitor. When you come back, you look at the British fellow again. This time, you see him looking directly at a fairy that it sitting on the sugar shaker. You seem to attract mythical creatures everywhere you go. You glance away from the brit and start to make some mais black coffee.

After you finish that, you look up at the Brit again. This time, he was looking at you. The British man's arm slips and he knocks over his coffee. You stop what you're doing and you go over to make sure that he's okay.

"Are you okay, sir?" you ask with genuine concern. The brit stands up, face flushed. "I-I'm fine!" He says quickly. The only thing he manages to do por standing up is nearly knocking over the table. You catch it and place it in it's upright position. "Just molusco down for a second, why don't you!" You exclaim. You look at the british fellow and you drag him into the back. "You need a new shirt." You say flatly, "There are some in the back.I think a mad last week left a tie here so maybe you can use that.

"T-thanks." says the brit. You sigh and show him to the room. "Find one that fits and come out when you're done changing." you say. The brit nods his head and you walk out. You take a rag and clean up the mess that the brit had caused. After a minuto or two, the spill is erased and the mesa, tabela is in it's upright position. You glance towards the counter and see that the man is finished changing.

You walk up to him. "Well," you say, "Thank you for making my shift interesting... What did you say your name was?" The Brit jumps. "I-I'm Arthur Kirkland, human personification of Britain. I-I'm here for a meeting." You raise an eyebrow. You are good at finding lies, but this bloke appears to be honest. "Well, I'm F/N." Britain smiles at you. "Pleasure." he says as he sticks out his hand for you to shake which you regard it nervously. "Quite." you say.

Britain looks past you. "You should have let me help. with the spill I mean." he says. You laugh. "It was nothing." You say, "Plus, if I let you help, I would get in trouble with my boss." Britain nods his head.

For a while, the two of you stand in silence. Suddenly, Flying Mint-Bunny fly's and lands on your shoulder. You smile and scratch his head. "You can see... you can see flying mint bunny!?" Exclaims Britain. Your eyes widen. "You can see Flying Mint-Bunny?!" you ask in equal confusion. Suddenly, you are hugged por Britain. "I thought I was the only one!" He exclaims. You scream and push Britain away. In you're mind you are actually very pleased with the fact that a complete stranger, and a cute one too, had hugged you, but your extreme phobia caused you to do otherwise.

Britain blushed and released you from the hug. "Sorry." he says. You sigh and smile softly. "It's okay." you say, "I just have a fear of being touched of hugged. Haphephobia I think it's called." Britain nods his head. Britain pulls out a pen and a sticky note. "We should talk sometime." He says as he scribbles down some information. He hands you the sticky note, careful not to touch you. You smile and put the paper in your pocket. Britain hands you an american $10.00 bill and walks towards the door. "Goodbye, Britain!" you say. Britain smiled and leaves.

{Magical time kip}

At around 8:57, your replacement, B/F, comes to take his/her shift. "Hey, Y/N!" he/she says, "Good shift?" Your friend is aware that you never have good shift's and it was made a joke between you two. "In fact yes!" You say. Your friend raises an eyebrow. "Oh?" you giggle. "Not explaining! Bye!"

You head about the town all swaged out in your Doctor Who sleeveless hoodie, your black skinny jeans, and your red high tops. You put your headphones in your ears and black the music. You walk around town for about thirty minutos before you stop. In front of you, is a building. The building had four flag poles all of them filled the flags of many different countries. You enter the building.

As soon as you enter, you are met the sounds of many people talking in different languages. you understand the German, Canadian French, Italian and Japanese, but everything else is like gibberish to your ears. Suddenly, you are pinned to the wall. "Guten Tag, hübsches Mädchen." Says the albino in front of you. You flinch away. "Sid off!" you spit at him, masking your fear with toughness. The german smiles. "Awww...feisty isn't she? However, I have always liked a girl with an attitude." The German touches your face. You scream.

"Y/N!" you hear someone say. there is a movement through the crowd of people. Suddenly, Britain pushes his way through the crowd. "Britain!!" You scream. You shrink down into a ball on the floor and cover your head with your arms. You plug your ears and refuse to open your eyes. You sense that the albino is no longer hovering over you and you open your eyes to see what is going on.

You see the albino on the floor, knocked out, and Britain sitting in front of you, worry in his eyes. You unplug your ears and listen to what Britain is saying to you. "Y/N. Are you okay? Prussia isn't going to bother you any more. Please tell me that you're okay!" You wipe the tears off your face hastily. "it's just.. it's just my Haphephobia. I'm sorry. I'm so... sorry." You pass out.

{Magical time skip}

When you wake up, you find yourself looking into a set of familiar green eyes. "Is she awake yet, Artie?" you hear an American say. Britain turns around and nods his head. You groan. "Where am I? How did I get here?" you say groggily. Britain smiles sadly. "You're in the lounge area of the World Conference building in New York. America carried you- Y/N? Are you okay?" Your eyes widen. You were CARRIED? Touched? You start to panic. "I was touched?" You say quietly, "I-I... why? Why couldn't you have just left me there? I would have been fine and-"

Britain kisses you. At first, you are in shock. This was the highest form of being touched. Slowly, as he continues to kiss you, you start to relax and feel pleasure. The kiss was nice... his touch was nice, too. Britain stops beijar you for a moment. "Y/N, I know I just met you this morning, but I know that you are the one I want to spend the rest of my life with. I don't care if you have Haphephobia. I can work with that. I amor you."

You smile. Just a few minutos ago, you were in a panic, and now, you craved for his touch. "I think," you say, "I think I amor you too." For a while, the two of you kissed, not caring what America was in the room. Eventually, America pulls you two apart and says, "Alright! Show's over! Get a room!" You giggle and look deep into the British blokes moss green eyes. He really was the one you wanted to be in amor with. Better yet, he helped you get over your Haphephobia.


I'm sorry if this was complete crap!!! I was in a rush and I got caught up in a lot of other stuff! I always write the original plan out in my notebook, but i guess i got sidetracked! Anaaaanywho, please give me suggestions for mais X Readers! I've already written a Poland X Reader with two parts and now a Britain X Reader. Have a lovely day!

Yours truly, kid_symmetry