This is an on going series I am still working on, which I started a ano ago. So far it has 7 chapters. So I hope you enjoy it. This is one of the stories I have done I am most fond of.


It was raining hard one Saturday afternoon, Roderich sadly poked at his piano. Everyone had left him....everyone....Feliciano....his servents.....even Elizabeta. Remembering her brought tears to his eye, which he quickly shook away. Of course she called now and then, but not nearly enough. He wouldn't admit it, but he was missing everyone of his old friends. He was missing Feliciano's cheerful annoying voice, Gilbert's rants about his "Awesomeness", hell he even missed France spying on him. He sighed, not even his piano could cheer him up. Everything was wrong, his life was missing something. He missed the cheerful surroundings and the happy voices of others, he missed the sound of Elizabeta's flying pan hitting France when he was caught spying.

"I need go out for a while.....this place is to depressing" He left his piano and grabbed an umbrella, yes it was raining. But he went out anyway. He didn't know it then, but now he knows going out in that storm was the best disation he ever made.


After he was half way down the road, the storm had gotten heavier and he decited to turn around. As he was making his way back, he heard a sound, a little cry. He turned around "Hello?" no one was there. He shrugged, thinking it was just a rain. But then he heard it again, much louder this time. He spoke up "Who's there?!" he heard a little whimper, coming from behind a near por tree. He made his way slowly over to it, bending down, seeing that there was a opening cracked in the árvore and to his supers.....a small girl was inside it. Her clothes were wet and ripped up, her (h/c) hair was swoked. Roderich stared wied eyed at the girl, not believe what he's seeing.

The girl slowly raised her head shakely from her knees. "Please.....don't hurt me."

Roderich raised his eyebrows "Now, why would a do a thing like that?"

The girl cried "Because....*hic*....I'm so little...*hic*..and you''re so much bigger then me." tears mixed with rain falling down her face.

Pitty shot threw Roderich's heart. "You don't have to be afraid of me....I won't hurt you."

She looked up at him "R-Really." pulling her knees closer to her. "You're not lying?"

He smiled softly and nodded "Really, you're seguro with me." taking out a cloth, he reached over and wipped her tears away. "Now, don't cry, it's not very lady like."

The girl slowly nodded and rubbed her eyes.

Roderich smiled "Now, how about I take you início and we can get you into some clean clothes. We don't want you getting sick, now do with" he reaches out, lefting the girl into his arms.

The girl wraps her arms around his neck, holding on tightly. "Thank you." Warmth spread threw him, smiling at the little body clinging to him


On the way início Roderich asked many questions, starting with the basics. She was shy, but she truthfully answered all of them.

"What's your name, dear?"


"(__f/n__)? That's a very pretty name. Now how old are you sweetie?"

"I'm three" fling her head of his shoulder, stating proudly.

Roderich chuckled "Well aren't you a big girl."


Once they were back at the house Roderich carried the now sleeping (__f/n__) upstairs, getting her into some clean clothes and put her to bed.

Stroking her hair, he whispered "Goodnight, my dear" Turning around he heard a soft reply.


Roderich stopped in his tracks, looking over at the sleeping girl. He gave a small smile, leaving the room and shutting the door slowly.

"P-Papa?....I'm....a Papa?" and at the moment....all the loneliness he had felt....disappeared from just that one word.

"(__f/n__) little girl."