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Yep! No fanmade stuff here, folks, I'm going to try to list all the relationships in Hetalia! This includes who hates who, who's related to who and how, who has a crush on who, everything that involves two characters interacting! Please remember that I'm ONLY putting in stuff that is true for the original work. I don't care if you think Poland has a crush on Cuba or if you think Canada loves France. If it's not true in the original work, it's not being put here. Please remember that there's a high chance that I'll miss a bunch, so please put a message in the comments if I forgot one or if I got one wrong. Thank you, and here goes nothing!

England and America hate each other
England and America used to be brothers before the Revolutionary War
Russia stalks/scares China
China is desperately afraid of Russia
Russia is deathly afraid of Belarus
Belarus loves, wants to marry, stalks, and scares Russia
Russia and Belarus are siblings
Russia and Ukraine are siblings
Ukraine and Belarus are sisters
Russia respects Ukraine
England is slightly creeped out por Russia
Romano and Germany hate each other
Romano irritates Germany
Germany looks down on Romano
Romano wants to take over Germany
Germany couldn't care less
England and America are allies
England and Russia are allies
America and Russia are allies
Russia and China are allies
China and France are allies
France and England are allies
France and America are allies
France and Russia are allies
China and America are allies
China and England are allies
Germany and Prussia are brothers
Romano and Italy are brothers
Japão and China are brothers
Holy Roman Empire might be the same person as Germany
Holy Roman Empire has a crush on Italy
Italy used to be Austria's captive and worker
Hungary and Austria are divorced
Hungary still has a crush on Austria, which may or may not be unreturned
Spain and Austria are divorced
Hungary lives with Austria
Germany and Italy are allies
Italy tends to annoy Germany
Italy and Japão are allies
Germany and Japão are allies
Japão is slightly annoyed por America
America and Canada are twins
Cuba thinks Canada is America
China works for America and England
Holy Roman Empire has no clue that Italy is male
Italy is Ancient Rome's grandson
Italy looks up and depends on Germany
America disturbs Japão a bit with his "odd" taste in food
France has a strong rivalry with England
Belgium is Netherlands's little sister
Netherlands despises Spain
Netherlands fought with Turkey
Netherlands is fairly nice to Japan
Austria and Switzerland are ex-friends
Liechtenstein looks up to Switzerland
Switzerland adopted Liechtenstein as his younger sister
Poland and Lithuania are partners
Poland gets along well with Italy
Belarus despises Lithuania
Estonia is best friends with Finland
Latvia is friends with Sealand
Latvia is afraid of Russia
Lithuania gets along well with America
Denmark considers himself to be close to Norway, although Norway feels differently
Sweden claims that Finland is his "wife"
Iceland is Norway's younger brother
Russia is very nice to Iceland
Iceland is suspicious of Russia
Norway is annoyed por Denmark
Ancient Rome loved Ancient Egypt
Greece doesn't get along with Turkey
Greece is friends with Japan
France is Monaco's older brother
Turkish Republic of North Cyprus is Sealand's rival
Romano and France hate each other
Spain is France's friend and rival
Spain is very kind to Romano
Romano doesn't act the same
Taiwan sees China as a teacher
Cuba dislikes America
Cuba is friends with Canada, although he mistakes him for America and bullies him
Sealand is England's younger brother
Sealand was adopted por Sweden
Ancient Rome befriended Germany for one night before disappearing
Germania was Holy Roman Empire and Russia's grandpa
Germania was Rome's bodyguard before turning against him
Prussia enjoys picking on Austria
Hungary despises Prussia for picking on Austria
Albânia looks up to Greece
Bulgaria bullies Italy
Bulgaria and Italy are allies
Bulgaria and Germany are allies
Czech is terrified of Belarus
Luxembourg and Belgium are siblings
Luxembourg and Netherlands are siblings
Vatican City and Italy don't get along
Mongolia bullied Hungary when he was younger
India gets along well with Prussia
Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is Cyprus's younger brother
Aizu is Miharu's brother
Osaka is annoyed por America
Osaka is Japan's messenger boy
General Winter is Russia's ally
Hutt River is Wy's mentor
Shinatty-chan is China's companion

Okay, I think I got them all. Please let me know if I missed any or got any wrong! Remember, don't comment like, "You forgot that China and Russia are together!" or "You didn't mention that France is in amor with Iceland!" Like I said at the beginning, this is ONLY CANON. Only comment that I forgot something if you are 100% positive that it's true and not fanmade. Thanks!
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