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The fans pick: Mark The Assassin
The fans pick: Both are equal
Both are equal
His control over his powers
The fans pick: Sword
Bow & amp; Arrows
The fans pick: 6 or Above. (Insane.)
6 or Above. (Insane.)
2 (Good, average amount.)
The fans pick: YES!
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JasmineValdez said …
link Posted faz 2 meses
ConnerandTravis said …
Jesus, I haven't been to this site nor this page in a while. I've been looking at my composição literária and, jeez... I was a horrible writer back then. This was a good group. I'm glad to have been a part of it. I don't know if any of you all will see this, but damn, I miss you guys. Posted over a year ago
Rogue475 commented…
Someone saw this faz 11 meses
JasmineValdez commented…
I miss you guys too, hope you're doing well! faz 2 meses
Nicolicious said …
Uh so hey. It's been a while...ish. I've just started talking with Blaze again and I guess I'm just sorry that this place went to ruin. I went away because things went a bit wrong in my life and I needed to fix it but then afterwards I just didn't come back and yeah. If anyone else from way back is still on here I'd really amor to talk to you guys and see how everyone is going. Posted over a year ago
JasmineValdez commented…
Hi!! It's definitely not your fault, we all just started drifting separate unfortunately. I know I rather bluntly left and I'm sorry for that. Hope everything's going better for you now, I'd amor to get in touch as well! faz 2 meses