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Dong bang shin ki
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Q. What kind of character is Huh Youngdal in MBC <Triangle>?

Huh Youngdal is the rebel of casino world in Kangwon-do. He’s infamous enough that if someone in town doesn’t know him, that person will be considered as spy. He uses all kinds of tricks to swindle money and there isn’t a dia he doesn’t cause trouble. However, though he has to live away from his parents and brothers since his childhood, he still has a positive mind. If I exaggerate a bit, he’s a candy-like character.

Youngdal, who, with the dream of becoming Casino Hold’em champion, causes trouble every night in casino,...
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suel gi
In one of my many travels over the Internet, I found this rainking and what was my surprise to discover that our Jae is in third place in this rainking ._.!

The rainking it´s doing 4 a magazine called "Privilege", and the deadline 4 voting will be until December 31, 2010, so we´ll do Jae´s sexiest man of 2010 *¬*

If u accept, only u just have do is find the name of this beautiful man in the list, select it, and click on the yellow button that says "vote", u can only vote once per day, so don´t forget to vote for this sexy boy whenever you can

I leave the link so you can vote ok, I count on you


Jae Fighting!!! X3
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one of DBSK member, jae joong. is choosen as "JAPAN PRINCE".
this mention is reached for joong jae in a pesquisa about "celebrity that passed por quickly in your mind in moment you think of concerning prince"

this polling is conducted in Japão música site.

jae joong chosen in first position with mais than 30% voice.
segundo place occupied por keita, personel of W-Inds, position to 3 Koichi Domoto and position to 4 falling to Yoshiki of X-Japan. Actor of Kim Type of sailing barco of Kim Jung Hoon reside in sequence to 11.

all devotees write into ‘ Prince Jaejoong‘: ‘ If only you bring me to Korea with you, I will not object’, ‘ You is goddess of DBSK’ and others.