hayley williams fã Made Single Covers Contest! *Round 1*

viju posted on Sep 16, 2010 at 08:54AM
This Contest is moved to Paramore spot!

Click link to participate! :)
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over a year ago rachaelwsz said…
Erm. Isn't Emergency a Paramore song?

"Post your FanMade Single Cover for every Hayley song"


I find this kinda insulting to the band.
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over a year ago viju said…
@rachelwsz: Yeah emergency is Paramore song...not hayley's

I don't mean to insult the band! I love Paramore!! But sorry if i did in a way! Gonna edit that!
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over a year ago Magica said…
I might make one, but wouldn't this be better in the Paramore spot?
over a year ago rachaelwsz said…
^Exactly what I was thinking.
over a year ago viju said…
Ok......i was also first going to post this forum on paramore spot...alright! Gonna delete it and gonna post it there!!
over a year ago akositinay said…
i love the hair..