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 Miku Hatsune
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This hatsune miku fotografia might contain show and concerto.

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There's going to be a newcomer vocaloid that is coming out soon, Their name is Shelly~ Chan Kanin and Shelden~Kun Kanin

Names Pronounce:
Shelly~ Chan Kanin (Shell~ee Cha-nn Ka-nean)
Shelden~ Kun Kanin (Shell-den Kuun Ka-Nean)

Shelly- Female
Shelden- Male

Shelly ~ 11 Years Old
Shelden ~ 16 years Old

They are also Twins like Rin and Len. When Miku saw them both she was a little scared, cause they can Trick around like Rin and Len do. Plus they do amor to be joking around and doing tricks.

About Them~
Shelly Chan Kanin~~~
Shelly,the little sister of the Kanin Family, she loves to laugh and...
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Just some video about Hatsune Miku and the other VOCALOIDs.Her creators and some popular producers of her songs are also here, interviewed.
virtual diva
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Circus Monster- Miku Hatusne!!
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 Hatsune Miku singing!.
Hatsune Miku singing!.
Original / Romaji Lyrics

English Translation

1,2,3 Yeah!

1,2,3 Yeah!

tsuyogatte bakka de nanka
sonshiteru ki ga suru datte sou jan
ienai you na koto ga shitai no
anna koto toka
yada... ...donna koto?

PLaying it strong, I kinda
Get that feeling from you. Well, aren't I right?!
I want to do something we can't talk about
Like that...
Ew... ...What kind of stuff?

otoko tte baka bakka ne
hen na koto ima kangaeta desho
kimi tte uso ga tsukenai taipu
daibu kao ni deteru Are you ok?
joujou shakuryou no yochi nashi
marude ohanashi ni naranai wa

Guys are all stupid, huh?
You so just...
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