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Harry Styles Tormented and Abused por Jealous Haters



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KBarboza said:
To all those people that posted those mean stuff to Harry have something wrong going in there lives so what they do is try and put all there anger on such a sweet,caring,hot,down to earth ,and just giving and amazing type of human .... but they shouldnt do that ...... hes human too and he has feelings and NOBODY would like to find out one day that someone started a hurtful page at you ...... even though they have no reason to dosomething like that nobody deserves something like that done to them.Thats all i have to say about that very sad and mean video .Harry you should ignore them they dont know what they say....your not what they say your and amazing type of person ALWAYS remeber that......... LOVE, Karina your biggest fan ever.....i would love to meet you and say the truth to your face ....but like i said always remeber your the best
posted over a year ago.
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keykey222 said:
Why do people have to say so many mean and horrible things, like what do they thinks is wrong? Harry you are awesome don't let anyone say anything to you because know one deserves that.
posted over a year ago.
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