Ally's P.O.V

i headed back início about to head in my room when i get a painful strike across my face. leaving a stinging sensation. "so you think you can just leave without asking" she said in anger. she striked again having me fall on the ground. i walked back hitting a wall. she started hitting me harder every time she striked it was harder. "IF YOU WANT TO BE ALONE THEN JUST LEAVE WORTHLESS CHILD"she said with pure hate in her face. i got up. "maybe i will leave and i am not worthless" i said slamming my door. packing my things. seeing bruises on my arms and on my face. i got out my phone and texted harry

Me: can u please come and pick me up?

Harry: oi this is Zayn harry couldnt come to the phone. but i will pick u up

i put my pone in my pocket and waited outside with my things. when i turn and see brandon on the sidewalk. " wow leaveing already come with me then" he said comign closer. "no brandon i said its over deal with it" i said still wating for zayn. "what did you say when i tell you to do something you do it now COME WITH ME" he said roughly grabbing my arm. "LET GO"i yelled jerking my arm back. he punched me in the face causing me to fall back on the hard pavement. he started beating me harder then he ever did. i was on the ground screaming helpless unable to do anything. i was going to get another strike when he gets punched. i looked up seeing zayn. "love get in the car" he said grabbing brandon and punching him. "this will be the last time i see you put youre hands on ally or on any other women" said zayn throwing him on the ground. getting the rest of my things. he came in the car. looking at me. "you alright" he asked looking at me with those hazel eyes. "yeah im fine" i said chocking back the tears. that i let go when i looked at the window. he grabbed my hand and i looked at him. " come on you can tell me. i hesitated then spoke. "i arrived at my place and i was going to go in my room when my mom started beating me and the she told me if i wanted to be on my own then just leave and the said i was a worthless child. then brandon came telling me to come with him and i said no then he started beating me thne you came and now i am in here with you" i said still crying. he wiped them away."listen i wont ever let him touch you again you are beutfiul and no-one deserves to put a hand on you" he said little bit red. he called me beutiful. i smiled " thanks zayn i really appreciate it" i said looking back at the window. the rest of the drive was silent. we arrived at the lads place. i got all my things and headed inside. all the lads looked at me worried and suprised. harry saw me and ran to me hugging me tight. " are you alright love" he said looking at me. "yeah im fine" i said havign tears falling. i looked at zayn. zayn started explaining every thing to the lads. they understood they gave me the guest room. i walked in and put my things away. i fixed up my cama and walked back downstairs. seeing non of the lads downstairs. i went to the fridge starving. i pulled out some soda. and from the pantry some chips. i was eating in the kichen. when niall comes downstaris. "we can share" i said hadnig him a chip. he smiled and we were in the living room talking and eating some chips. we talked for a few hours when i walked upstairs i was going to walk in my room when i heard harry talking. "i really like ally but i just dont know how to ask her i get so nervouse around her" . i smiled i never knew harry had feeling for me. i tiptoed in my room and went to sleep.