harry potter Harry Potter Audio Book: From Spotify to Mp3

schlauerrechner posted on Dec 19, 2016 at 12:02PM
Hello everybody, recently i realized that Spotify offers Harry Potter audio books :)
I was so freaking happy about that! Now, I'm looking for opportunities to extract them as mp-files. Anybody has experience with this an can recommend me something how to do this? In general is there a legal solution?

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over a year ago Jamy10 said…
Take a look at Audials Tunebite Premium: link
It is a legal program, that records music in the background instead of downloading. This way of capturing mp3-files is not illegal in opposite to downloading. You are moving in a legal grey area.
A cool feature for instance is, that Tunebite Premium automatically save each sinlge chapter or also song as an invididual file. Means you will not have one endless track.