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After the era of the boy who lived, we join new Heroes and Villains at Hogwarts School for Magic and Wizardry. Create new adventures with a new character. Choose the path of Hogwarts. Choose the destiny.

Extra info:

Start your adventure at King's Cross
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over a year ago karolinak1999 said…
Name: Millicent Moriarty
Age: 16
Year: 6th
House: Slytherin
Personality: Evil, manipulative and deadly. Hates mud-bloods and blood-traitors, smarter than the brightest Ravenclaw but this is overshadowed by her cuningness and determination even so people love being around her due to her charm and intrigue. She can be the nicest person you ever met or the worst, which it is, is up to you.
Appearance: Sand coloured blonde hair that reaches her waist, it has streaks of differently shades of blonde throughout it gets wavy towards the ends. Piercing green eyes, slim figure. quite tall, but not very.
Family: Arabella is her non-identical twin sister but she attends Beauxbatons Academy of Magic their parents thought it would be a better choice of education for a girl but Millicent insisted on Hogwarts, possibly because she hates France and everything thats French.
Her mother Clarice is in the art & artefact trade in the wizarding world, a highly respected position. Her father is the minister for foreign relations, which leads him to travel a lot. They are rich and live in a castle, but despite that Mllicent wants to make it on her own and never uses her richness to her advantage, she dosent need to. She also has a brother who is in sevent year called Caleb
Past: Hates her sister. Her sister hates her. She is on good terms with her brother.
Abilities: Can see through people like through a glass window. She has the ability to remember every single detail. Talented in potions.
Fears: One day her sister would show up at the doorstep to Hogwarts and say she is transferring.
Wand: a chestnut wand, Dragon Heartstring - but she dosen't use it much as she practices magic usually with the use of her hands, eyes even thoughts!
Extra info:
- She does art due to her mothers influence, Millicent particularly loves sculpting.
- her boyfriend Gavin Finneran is in Gryffindor 6th year, he is the chaser on the Gryffindor Quidditch team and Millicent goes to these matches only for his sake. He is 17 and quite tall, ginger/blonde hair a few freckles, Millicent believes he brings out the good in her.
- Millicent is a master dueler, doing it as a hobby for the past 10 years, her only true rival is Arabella who is very gifted in this criteria, but Mllicent has a few tricks up her sleave.{Dueling isnt a subject}
- Even though she hates mud-bloods she does like a girl in her art class called Penelope they are very close friends.
- Art is the only class where she comes along as a nice person.
- She is a prefect
Secret: She is good at heart.

Study of Ancient Runes

{Extra-curricular subjects}
Ghoul Studies
Ancient Studies
Earth Magic
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over a year ago Goldenliz said…
Penelope walked in the crowded area of King's Cross station, as she lived in an isolated area, it was always a welcome sight to see so many people. Penelope enjoyed observing her fellow passengers, wondering about their life, sometimes even making up elaborate stories. She made sure she walked by herself, she did not want any attention so she wore an overly large shirt and some washed out jeans, and she knew she had to go on her tippy toes to find her destination. Her trunks in had, she looked like a normal teenage girl. She was proud that she could manage to do that. Her leather bag was strapped on her shoulder almost bulging with books and art supplies. She had to grasp it firmly to keep the bag and trunks from toppling her over. Yet she knew that one push would cause her to fall on the floor.
With her luck, it would happen, she didn't even need to predict it.
Of course it did.
Someone accidently pushed her and she looked up to see who it was
over a year ago karolinak1999 said…
Millicent and Caleb left for Kings cross early in the morning. They looked a lot a like but he was a head taller than her, he was in seventh year she was in sixth. Millicent's blonde hair shined in the sunlight and Caleb's did too that kind of annoyed Millicent she wanted to be the only person with shiny hair on campus from a distance she noticed Gavin, he spotted her right away. They reached each other "It's nice to see you. " she said "It's great to see you" he apprehended. Their robes differed, and some people believed their relationship was doomed from the very beginning. They were all smiles, walking towards the train. From a distance she saw a petite, brunette figure she recognized her as Penelope from art class "Milly she's a mud-blood. Don't you hate all mud-bloods?" Gavin asked. Millicent smiled "Her father owns prisons, tell me thats not cool." "I can't" Gavin shook his head. Without noticing Caleb left them, they didnt mind, they were walking through the crowd when they saw a few first year boys running one of them managed to accidentally push down Penelope, Millicent was furious because she realised that was Graham Nordburry her cousin on her mother Clarice's side. "Graham what do you think your doing, running through a crowd, blindly, thats a Gryffidnor thing. Do you want to be put in Gryffindor?" She asked "No" Graham looked down. Gavin couldnt help but look offended. "But it's not my fault I was running carefully, its she who wasnt looking where she was going!" He's such a child Millicent thought to herself. "You need to start taking responsibility for your own actions." She said coldly "Who are you to tell me what to do!?" "Where's your mother, Graham? 'm sure she's around here somewhere" Millicent threatened him "Alright, alright! I'm sorry, sorry"
over a year ago Goldenliz said…
Penelope stood up and watched the exchange between Milicent and Graham, Milicent's boyfriend Gavin stood near them. She heard a lot about them from numerous classes, mainly from slytherin's and gryffindors, she knew they had bet's on their relationship. Some reckoned Milicent was cheating on Gavin but that was mostly Gavin's fangirls in Gryffindor who basically worshipped him.
I thought it was better for the school to stay out of the relationship, but Hogwarts was the chool witchcraft, wizardry and gossip.
Penelope also knew the horrible things people said about Milicent.
When Milicent threatened her cousin and he apologised, she smiled at him "It's alright" The boy glared at Milicent for threatening him and ran off to join his fellow first years. Leaving Penelope standing with the couples, she wasn't good at talking, and she also knew that the couple probably wanted alone time, but Milicent was a close friend and she knew she could delay it a bit, a smirk easing her face
"What were you guys up to this summer"

over a year ago karolinak1999 said…
"Well she traveled a lot" "I didnt travel that much" "You did to my house" "haha.... Gavin played Quidditch, and then some more Quidditch..and then he wrote beautiful poetry" "hahah" "like a hundred sonnets" Millicent continued "Ooh yes I'm a poet in disguise" Gavin was being sarcastic "ooh yes you are....sorry about Graham, he's a wild one my aunt asked me to look out for him, discipline him, that might turn into a problem if he's not in Slytherin" "You can't be babysittng him" "But in general, thats what prefects do so all fits like a puzzle" Gavin and Millcent were both prefects, her brother too and this year he was going for head boy. "How was your summer Penny?" Asked Mllicent while they were getting onto the train.
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over a year ago Goldenliz said…
Penelope laughed at Gavin's sarcasm and at the question she frowned to herself "I spent the entire summer showing my mother that I cannt sew" At this I showed my scarred hands to the couple "and visiting every prison" I added as an afterthought. The prisons were disgusting and inhumane, and the stench of rotting corpses still stuck to the inside of my nose. My father expected me to run the prisons when I grew up, first it was Noah because he was a man, now it was me because I was a witch. I had power now, and my parent's were constantly encouraging I learn the dark arts so that I could bring a lot more wealth, it was rather irritating now, and I just lied to them, I really didn't want to do the dark arts. They knew it was illegal, yet they didn't care.
I quickly skimmed the other students, most third years were taller then me.
over a year ago karolinak1999 said…
"So muggle prisons do they differ much from Azkaban, like you know the worst ones?" Gavin asked, Millicent seemed curious the year went on a trip to Azkaban in 5th year.
over a year ago Goldenliz said…
I didn't really know what to say "They are pretty much like Azkaban, except they lack dementor's and the magic, but they're horrible, I mean the guards are muggles with hearts like dementors, monsters really, and like Azkaban the prisoners are treated worse then dirt" It was true, some muggles were just as cruel as any monster, especially with those guns.
over a year ago karolinak1999 said…
The answer satisfied both of them, "Do they at least get their three meals a day?" asked Millicent jokingly
over a year ago Goldenliz said…
Penelope laughed "Oh yeah, they are guaranteed one of their five-a day"
over a year ago karolinak1999 said…
Gavin and Millicent stood in silence for a few seconds then Millicent broke out into laughter "It's funny because she dosen't get it" Gavin explained "no, no thats not a good comeback.....better luck next time honey..okay well this is my carriage" The carriage was filled with a couple of Slytherins close friends of Millicent that she was dieing to talk to. "Bye Penny" Millicent gave her a brief farewell "and Gavin..." They shared a short yet compassionate kiss "I'll miss you" He said "I'll...see you later" she said giving him a cheeky smile following which she left to her carriage.
over a year ago Goldenliz said…
Penelope did not want to witness Millicent and Gavin kissing, no matter how long it was so she turned swiftly at "Bye Penny" towards the far end of the train, hopefully where there was a completley free carriage, but before that she was met by Courtney McLean, a friend who was in Hufflepuff house, known for her true optimisitic and upbeat attitude, and her friendliness and helpfulness to everyone. She was beautiful, athletic with blonde hair that sprung from her head like a halo, her eyes a lovely sky blue, she positively looked like an angel, and acted like one too, causing half the student population to have a major crush on her. It surprised Penelope every time her eyes narrowed when she caught sight of Millicent Moriarty, her eyes filling with hatred. Courtney looked at Penelope "I have no idea why you hang around with the monster, she's an evil troll" Knowing Millicent I knew she was going to be bothered with the word "troll" and not "evil". I just shrugged but my voice clear and calm "She's my friend" Courtney lifted an eyebrow, she knew to drop the subject. Courtney and Penelope made small about their holidays
before Courtney rejoined her Hufflepuff friends, while Penelope carried on to the end of the train, where five isolated carriage trains awaited her. She took the second one, she knew the last one was reserved for couples who missed each other, yet she left room for another person to fill the carriage before her, so she could achieve perfect isolation.
She smiled to herself and placed her trunks in the compartment, she then took out her book bag and began losing herself in the adventures of fictional worlds.
She was just reaching the climax of the book when she was interrupted by two students asking her if the carriage was free. She had to nod, as there was plenty of room, it turned out that her plan did not work-
she noticed who was standing there, and her thoughts crashed into her heart which exploded into a thousand fluttering butterflies, it was a horrible feeling, it was a feeling of a crush.
The boy was Jason "Jace" Drake, a tall, tanned, toned boy with unkept, coal block hair and storm grey eyes. A Ravenclaw, he was known as a made genius for his ability to think outside the box, actually he thought so far outside the box, you couldn't even see the thoughts, yet all of his reasoning's came from logical observations and assumptions, he was definitely going to be an inventor of some sort. Yet his genius mind was not what Penelope liked about him, it was him. How he genuinely was intrested and curious in other people, how gentlemanly he was, he had both the traits of bravery and kindness which could have allowed him to go to both Gryffindor and Hufflepuff. It was how he always found a chance to make Penelope roar with laughter and put down her book just to hang out with him. He was standing beside his girlfriend Heather Cain, them being prefects of Raveclaw. Heather was tall, thin and graceful, her asian features granting her stunning almond hazel eyes with straight long her flowing down her back. Beside her beauty she was an outstanding students and was quite down to earth and fun to hang out with. They're crushes for each other began in first year, but now it had blossomed into a serious relationship, last year I had to survive them holding hands and always giggling at their inside jokes. Both of them were the beaters of the Ravenclaw, and were very good at their positions. While Millicent and Gavin's relationship had drama surrounding it, these two were the hopeful couple and almost the entire school were convinced that they were going to get married, me included.
Yet right now they seemed off, they were holding hands but their body posture was all wrong, once they settled down, Heather began the polite conversation of summer and school, Penelope wondered what happened between Heather and Jace.
over a year ago karolinak1999 said…
Gavin made his way towards his carriage.

Millicent took a seat beside Candice, she has long, bronze hair that goes past her shoulders and strong brows. They were best friends since 1st year. Grayson, Dominic and Tadeous were there too. "Your late" stated Dominic "It will never happen again, sir!" Millicent replied sarcastically Dominic reminded her of Professor Baelish who taught them potions, of course Millicent was never late for his classes, she loved potions and adored Professor Baelish but there were some students that were continuously late for his class *cough*cough Gryffindors, when confronted they would always respond 'never again, sir' but it happened again, and again. This led onto a discussion of how Slytherin's should get their own potions class seperate from everyone else, or at least from Gryffindors...and Ravenclaws maybe, they didnt like them either. "Ravenclaws everything about them is.....just plain....they're like a worse version of us" said Grayson, but he was taking things too far as in 6th year they were to old for 'our house is better than theirs' kind of crap. "Get over her already, we've been telling you that since first year." Dominic advised. "There, there. There, there" Candice rubbed his shoulders in an attempt to comfort him. It was Heather, Heather Cain. They grew up in the same neighborhood, were friends, close friends, then Hogwarts split them apart or as some like to think it was Jace. Grayson used to love her, now he hates her.
At that point Rebekah came, just in time to change the subject...
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over a year ago Goldenliz said…
"So, what subjects are you doing Penelope?" Heather asked politely. I answered with a slight monotone to my voice "Appartion, Study of Ancient Runes and Divination." At divination Heather looked slightly rustled as she raised her eyebrow "Seriously? I mean Divination is such an idiotic subject! Nobody can see the future, I have no idea why you two bother with it!" She didn't have any bitterness in her tone but just playfulness which caused Jace and me to giggle like scolded children, soon we were all laughing at the idiocy of it all. Then I realized that I was laughing, and stiffened, no point making a friendship, Penelope thought bitterly. No reason to make ties when everything was soon to collapse. As Jace and Heather began talking about somthing that happened to someone somwhere, Penelope looked down as she remembered what troubled her late at night, when she woke with her pulse dying and her lungs contracting, the words slicing her, bright hot blades, burning her when she thought of them.

History is doomed to repeat itself,
for the most ancient ways aren't learnt.
A war so terrible, threatens to annihilate
both magicians and mortals.
The marked prophet chosen to decide
the fate of the world
The victor must choose good or evil,
a decision which affects the outcome of the war.

Once again she felt hear heart and lungs stop, her blood running still before she was splashed and Jace was punched in the shoulder. He smiled sheepishly at Heather with a glass in his hand and Heather "You just sort of daydreamed off and Jace decided to splash you in the face!" She handed Penelope a tissue which Penelope talked, then Jace leaned in with a stage whisper "Were you daydreaming about me Penelope, about how good I look with my shirt off..." At my look of shock, Heather grabbed her history of magic book and began to whack him with it while Jace laughed mercilessly. Penelope had to fight her blush by sticking her face in a book, while Jace and Heather laughed, bickered and flirted. Whatever happened between them was long forgotten.
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over a year ago karolinak1999 said…
"I'm back" 'Rebekah sat down beside Aaron and Dominic, there were six people in the carriage altogether, Rebekah was eating an ice-cream, it looked appetizing Aaron squinted his eyes "Your evil" he said looking at her, she smirked and kept on eating it "Gimme some" he continued playfully "Take your shirt of" she replied cheekily "no!" was his answer "worth a try" she said to herself but meant for everyone to hear it, they were all giggling, poor Dominic was stuck in the middle of that but not for long Rebekah and Aaron soon left for the end of the train, where there were always free carriages. While walking past some to the very end, they noticed Penelope, Heather and Jace they paid brief attention to them "ooh theres three of them" said Rebekah suspiciously "Maybe their going to have a three-way, Ravenclaws are known to be creative" said Aaron jokingly, Rebekah laughed immediately. They went into an empty carriage at the very end and shut the blinds.

Back in the Slytherin carriage, there was four of them Millicent moved beside Dominic who was left deserted by Rebekah and Aaron. Rebekah and Aaron werent exactly, boyfriend girlfriend they still needed to figure that out. "How dare she steal him away from us like that!?" said Dominic jokingly "I bet she will let him taste her ice-cream!" said Millicent "I bet he's going to take his shirt of haha" was Candice's reply.

"One of them is going to get hurt if they keep on doing this friends with benefits kind of thing." Grayson was clearly concerned "Well I dont think they're actually DOING IT, in my opinion they're just playing around to be honest." stated Candcice....all they could do was speculate finally they left the topic when Candice said "Seeing so much green must be a new thing for you" She was referring to Millicents relationship with Gavin...and so they went on until they reached Hogwarts!!!
over a year ago Goldenliz said…
When the train left Heather and Jace rushed off with a polite "see you later" and fled to either making out someplace or going to their prefect duties of being responsible. She could see heather straighten and walk with a purpose while Jace seemed to launch back to his usual charming and polite made several girls around him swoon, while heather marked her territory. As much as she liked Jace, she really thought the two of them fit together, yet she knew something was not right.
Being in the same house as them since first year, she knew that up until fifth year they were closer then close, but somthing happened, they seemed to be putting on the show that everything was okay. I ignored it and took a seat between two different years she knew by face and not by name, they then watched Headmaster Lannister, a respectable old wizard, who attended hogwarts in Hufflpuff house, he was incredibly powerful and had the traits Hufflepuff valued- he was dependable and kind. Life at Hogwarts had never been better because of him, Penelope applauded as he welcomed the school and the sorting hat placed the smaller-then-me nervous first years in the houses, of course each house thundered as it got a new student.
The feast as always was top-notch as always, the food was delicious in every way, no muggle chef could compare the food at Hogwarts. After Penelope spent the entire feast theorizing about alchemy, she was surprised when everyone leapt towards the doors to exit the feast, it was a crowd and Penelope smiled, she really liked seeing large halls noisy but she just didn't want to join in. She followed her fellow students, and the Slytherins left for the dungeon, then she waved goodbye to Courtney as she headed to the Hufflepuff room. The Ravenclaw's all bustled inside the common room, the riddle was always easy at the beginning and progressed throughout the year, Ignoring the commotion Penelope took out her book and attempted to finish it, out of the corner of her eye she saw Jace and Heather speaking to each other in what seemed to be a harsh argument, it broke apart immediately when a first year came to ask questions. Penelope, once finished the book, took an early night into the bronze and blue room of a ravenclaw, girl dorm, it was quite funny, half the Ravenclaw's were very very neat and tidy while the others were an organized chaos. It caused hilarious pranks and debates over the issue. Penelope slumped into her feather bed at Hogwarts and knew that when she fell asleep, she would be greeted with visions of the future.
over a year ago karolinak1999 said…
The train docked the Hogwarts station, usually Caleb carried Millicent's luggage but being in seventh year and a prefect he was clearly too busy and nowhere to be found. Being in seventh year he was eligible for Head boy.
In the Great Hall the entire Slytherin family was gathered around the same table. It seems that the older they got the further away they were placed from the front, where Headmaster Lannister gave speeches did they think that with age came better vision or hearing senses well in fact it was the other way around.
Other Slytherin 6th years in Millicents radius included: Fiachra Darkwater he came from a rich, pure-blooded family in Ireland, which is rare. They originated from Western Ireland around the 'Dark Lake' which some think is simply polluted to be so dark ones that know better believe it to be dark due to shadows caused by the many trees and old-styled buildings surrounding the lake a more mystical reason is that shadow creatures live in it, they say that the lake was 'clear' but then 1000 years ago the shadow creatures inhabited it. Which is funny because that's exactly when the Darkwaters originated - 1000 years ago just about when the lake became dark. Other people believe that they broke off from the Clearwaters with which everyone is familiar with, it is said that somewhere down the history line they split up due to an argument but that version is incorrect they have nothing to do with the Clearwaters.
Kamila Ryan was sitting right across from Millicent she is one of the chasers on the Slytherin Quidditch team, a lovely girl. "Does anybody have anyone doing the sorting?" she asked everyone around "yeah, Graham my cousin" Millicent replied, to her joy he was sorted into Slytherin.
Straight after the sorting everyone enjoyed the fine feast, but throughout the middle Headmaster Lannister made an announcement of the Head boy and girl "Lysandra Melondip from Gryffindor and Caleb Moriarty from Slytherin." Millicent was overjoyed for her brother, but was hoping he knew what he was getting himself into because as if being a prefect wasn't challenging enough. From what she observed faith was bringing all the prefects together; Heather and Jace, her and Gavin and surely a few more, she was hoping it wasn't true because Lysandra Melondip just like her name isn't attractive and Millicent didn't think she was good enough for her brother even though she is head girl, and is quite bright. Millicent is a protective little sister.

Headmaster Lannister came from Hufflepuff, the first Headmaster ever to come from that house he used to teach charms {which isn't a far break-off from Herbology which Hufflepufff teachers were known to teach} before 30 years ago he was promoted to Headmaster. He is a powerful wizard before him Hogwarts was a riot, a month in which Gryffindor and Slytherin didn't get into a huge argument didn't exist. Those are now known as the 'Dark Ages' of Hogwarts, it all started after the Wizarding War against Voldemort the school was almost destroyed, students as well as professors were killed which created huge problems, it wasn't simple many disputes came out, building up from it was hard and took a few years materially but a few decades mentally. The 'Dark Ages' are now taught in History of Magic, the subject which is still taught by Professor Cuthbert Binns{a ghost}

Slytherins left for the dungeon, Ravenclaws and Gryffndors for their towers and Hufflepuffs for the...umm...kitchen? But beforehand Millicent got the chance to talk to Gavin. "You should fix your tie.....or I'll throw you in the dungeon." Gavin laughed he didn't realize she wasn't kidding. Gryffndors tend not to pay attention to detail which is a problem. "wait.wait I'll do it for you." she leaned in and fixed it, now it was firmly tied around his neck. "I hope it's not choking you now." Millicent was concerned. After she fixed his tie she didn't pull back so they were insanely close. Millicent clutched onto his shirt, pulled him even closer and kissed him, he put his hands around her waist and continued. Her hands moved up and around his neck..They made out for a few minutes in isolation where no one would see them. They then hesitantly left for their common rooms.

Millicent looked happy but she was frustrated she met Candice along her way to their common room 'True blood shines brighter than stars' Once that was said a passage revealed itself leading to the common room. The Slytherin cm is always neat and tidy, those aren't rules but strict guidelines to live by. Professor Baelish makes sure there is no mess, first years that have trouble adapting regret it later. The Slytherns live in harmony with each other, when an argument arises its resolved either by trial by battle where they duel, that's always fun to watch when or trial by reason when they ask prefects to resolve it if they can't resolve it themselves, Slytherins like to make everything dramatic. After getting themselves sorted Candice, Millicent, Dominic, Grayson and Aaron sat around one of the fireplaces some of them under blankets, some sipping hot chocolate, they talked and discussed serious matters. They had to be careful not to fall asleep there, Head of the House Professor Baelish would not approve.

The current topic of conversation was the Debating team 1st and 2nd years didn't have anything to do with it. so the Junior debating team consisted of 3rd and 4th year, while the senior of 5th, 6th and 7th years. There were individual house teams for debating within the school, there was also a general school team for when they traveled outside of Hogwarts, that one was hard to get on. There Gryffndor/Hufflepuff/Ravenclaw/Slytherin didn't matter you were just representing Hogwarts that's all. They liked to be organised therefore the team for next year was always decided at the end of the previous year.
There are five people on the Hogwarts team and a substitute that never does anything. "You'd think that Ravenclaws would get most spaces on the team, I heard they debate like all the time" stated Candice "Their individuality gets in the way of their fraternity" stated Dominic "Working as a team is important and for some Ravenclaws that's impossible to do." He continued. This year Darren Townsend{Slytherin 7th year} is the Hogwarts team captain, Millicent Moriarty and Dominic Malfoy made up the Slytherin part of the team. "There aren't any fifth years on it this year" Candice noted "yeah, technically they are allowed but they rarely ever are actually put on it" Millicent replied their conversation lasted a few hours before they decided to go to bed.

over a year ago Goldenliz said…
When Penelope woke up she was greeted with a very strange yet pleasant experience,
she woke up with good dreams, she felt refreshed, mainly because of the thrill she experienced in her dreams, yet her dreams were not always the future.
Penelope tried her hardest not to stand out but there was one thing in the world that she would give everything for, even experience attention.
Dragon Riding. It was by far more mentally and physically challenging, than any other wizarding sport, at first you had to tame the wild creature and then earn it's trust.
The reason Penelope started was because of an incident in first year, she had the misfortune to fall underneath a dragon's feet, and was sure she was going to be eaten, but the dragon, a Hungarian Horntail which was being kept at Hogwarts for unknown purposes, did not eat her. Headmaster Lannister came across and allowed her to train the dragon, an activity which often resulted her in burns and bruises, she had done an impossible feat- she tamed a dragon. It was one of the rare things at Hogwarts that nobody knew about. Her dragon was the only thing that stood out, and she was determined to keep her dragon, temper, because of his temper, safe and secure.
Yet in her fourth year, the dragon was faced with execution, so Penelope set the dragon free, riding it away from the ministry, it was the first time she did such a thing, and was probably her last.
Yet Penelope cherished the memory. She hoped to ride the dragon again, it was one of her only ambitions in life. She honestly hoped that the dreams were a vision.
Penelope sighed and smoothed her wild ringlets, she then clambered to ravenclaw common room, made sure she had all her equipment and went down for breakfast, her thought occupied with her dragon.

over a year ago karolinak1999 said…
As the night skies got along, Millicent slept peacefully in her dormitory that she shared with Candice, Kamila, Rebekah and Rebekah's cat Mr. Whiskers it should actually be Ms Whiskers as they have proven she is in fact a female cat but Rebekah is beyond stubborn and forbade the girls to tell anyone Mr Whiskers is a she - it's their little group secret. Millicent found it very stupid but accepted it. Every dorm usually consists of 5 students but Catelyn Whiddic left in the middle of fourth year when she got the chance to attend Beauxbatons Academy of Magic which ironically was where Millicents twin sister Arabella attended and Millicent despite the plead of her father refused to attend it, her father Castor Moriarty was deeply concerned of the twins hatred for each other, in his eyes it was unusual just as unnatural everyone else seemed to shed an eye on it. The Beauxbatons Academy of Magic was the no. 1 school in Europe for girls it had high quality of everything, but Millicent couldn't stand the language was what she told everyone, the whole hatred on France was really just a cover up for hating her sister Arabella so perfect her hair was curlier, longer and blonder than Millicents her eyes were bluer and of a lighter shade her boobs were bigger and physique tighter of an hour-glass Millicent always thought to herself that Gavin would like her sister more if he would ever meet her.

Millicent felt something pierce through her chest it felt like a dagger and it was a dagger. Millicent opened her eyes only to realize it was not a dream a firm hand covered her mouth just about when she wanted to scream. It was dark. Millicent's eyes were closing again, but this time she wasn't falling asleep. She was dead
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over a year ago karolinak1999 said…
{What Alvin?}
over a year ago Alvin2442 said…
Name: Alvin Hamilton

Age: 16

Year: 6th

House: Slytherin

Personality: He described like the rest of the Slytherin bunch, cunning, resourceful, and ambitious. Alvin is also described as cold-blooded like a snake. However, Alvin is one of the warmest people you can know, once you are one of his friends. He's considered kinda of nosy, and he's always right around the corner.
Alvin is a secretive person, with little known about him, yet he is a bit of a troublemaker. He is also very competitive, which is why he joined Quidditch, and why he loves to duel.

Appearance: Dark green eyes, that look like a snake's skin. He has raven black hair. He's tall for the age, a built figure, and has a nice tan.

Family: Alvin's mom is very powerful in the Ministry of Magic. His dad works as a entertainer. His oldest brother works in the Ministry of Magic as well, his second oldest brother is his dad's assistant, and his youngest brother, in in his first year at Hogwarts, selected into Slytherin as well.

Past: Shown to have magic abilities from the start. Toys appearing to him, stuff disappearing etc. When the letter to Hogwarts came he was excited, and "ready to join the magic world entirely" He was a very smart kid, gaining E on everything. He was especially adept at Potions and Charms. He joined the Slytherin Quidditch team as a Chaser in his third year.

Abilities: Alvin is adept at Occlumency and Legilimency, learning from his amazing dad. Alvin is also a awesome dueler, flyer, and can catch. He has excellent perception skills.

Fears: That one day he'll lose everything and be completely alone.

Wand: Hazel, Phoenix Feather,12 1/2in long, Unyielding

Extra info:
His Expecto Patronus is a Snake.
He's Slytherin's Chaser.
He's learning how to Apparate.
He learned Occlumency and Legilimency from his dad.
He's a registered animagus as a snake.
He owns a Starsweeper XXI, like the US Quidditch Team.

He's the prankster hidden in the shadow.
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Goldenliz commented…
Welcome to the roleplay ^.^ over a year ago
Alvin2442 commented…
Thanks, as soon as I can think of a a way to insert myself into the story I will. over a year ago
over a year ago Goldenliz said…
Penelope was quite sure she was going to chop her hand off. Since she was still basically sleeping she lazily and without care buttered her toast and then applied some gooseberry jam, and then ate into it, slightly dazed, in the morning, someone could have died and she would not notice, only after breakfast could she function properly, she barely even noticed when somthing hit her head.
Really, it just hit her head and she slammed it on the table, snoozing a bit, after being poked at by some curious second years, she realized that the owls had brought their packages, mostly things that were forgotten and letters of pride for first years, but Penelope had a muggle brother who finally realized how to send owls, which through the course of the summer, packages flew at her head.
Penelope didn't even attempt to try to hide the smile on her face as she unwrapped the package. She knew it was from Noah, since he was the only one who even tried to communicate with her throughout her school year. She felt the smooth leather book cover labelled "Ancient Myths and Legends" with no author, it accompanied a letter composed by her brothers messy scrawl.
Penelope hurried to read it,
"Dear Little sister,
This owl is the most annoying nuisance and I want fifteen owls now. Just because you're the youngest does not mean you should get the magic, that's just unfair! I read your last letter, two more years for you, then you'll be seventeen and you can be an adult magician, then you can pack out and leave the rotten family behind, I mean seriously, how was someone so awesome like me, made from the old hag and the dictator. I'm glad you're doing alright, I'm also glad you don't have any of those nightmares anymore, you need sleep, you are by no means a morning person.
I hope you have a magical year Penelope, and I know I'm a "muggle" and have no magical ability of any kind, but please talk to me about anything, except for boys, unless they bother you, then you beat them up! Seriously kiddo, have a good year, and message me as soon as you can.
Your incredibly awesome elder brother,
P.S I found this book in an antique store and It was weird like you, so I bought it for you.
P.P.S I got a haircut, one mother would not approve of."
I reread his letter and laughed softly, before neatly folding it and putting it in the bottom of my bag, then I flicked through the book, the pages were old, and very delicate and I gently placed it in my bag, deciding to read it later.
over a year ago Alvin2442 said…
Alvin had a free period and instead of using it to study like he usually did, he went to practice on his Starsweeper. With permission from Madam Hooch, he had managed to get the Quaffle, so with a special enchantment, he practiced his chaser skills. He threw the Quaffle at the goal, just for the ball to be rejected.

He groaned, at the magical clone of his keeper. He tried harder to make the quaffle, even leaping off his broom, kicking the quaffle at the goal, and grabbing his broom with sheer luck. The clone caught that one. "Well the keeper was, especially good." Alvin muttered, before flying in a quick loop, loosening his grip on the quaffle, as he slowly flew at the three goals, hitting one more loop, seemingly aiming at the top goal, however at the last second, threw the quaffle in the bottom left goal, and scored.

The clone disappeared and Alvin flew back into the school, dropping his broom off in the shed. He silently walked the corridors until he reached the library. Once there, he checked out a book on the dark arts.

over a year ago karolinak1999 said…
Millicent's body was dragged somewhere else, so ultimately she would be reported as a missing person her body was drenched in blood like never before. However with that she didnt feel entirely dead, she felt her spirit lift from her body in the form of a translucent ghost worse of all she was wearing her night gown with a visible blood stain surrounding her heart. Millicent was petrified but she thought to herself no this can't I can't I'm too young to die! She looked over her body the blood was still red bright red and wet maybe my body isn't entirely dead she said with hope, she didnt want to just glide back to Hogwarts and live in ghost form forever then see her beloved Gavin go out with someone else.
She lay down in place of her body. Millicent has been doing Ghoul Studies for the past few years she knew a few tricks or two, she started chanting a spell more of a curse actually her ghost started to disappear. Her body woke up and started breathing heavily, her heart stung and Millicent couldnt help but give out a scream while putting her hands over her heart. In depth she knew she was dead she was just a ghost possessing someones body, her own body which needed healing. As a ghost she didnt need to breathe anymore but her heart was is great pain anyway. She realised she was in a cave on the edge of the Hogwarts grounds she wanted to apparate out of there but first of all she wasnt exactly sure how to only some theory and because it's impossible in the school grounds, she climbed out of the cave gaining her many cuts and bruises she knew a secret passageway to the deep dungeons of the Slytherin common room she was worried she would get lost in them. "True bl...blood...shines......bri-ghter..tha-an stars She said in a weak voice when facing a big stone that was the door to the secret entrance the rock glowed but didnt move Millicent repeated it one more in a more angry voice it glowed just the same.....she thought about it....and decided to try something else she put out her bloody hands and put them against the stone..her being a Slythern meant that she could open the stone that way...she watched as the blood sunk into the stone and it opened
She wondered through the dungeons for a while hoping to find the man dungeon way..but she eventually collapsed and her ghost left her body she looked back..She needed help...
Alvin2442 commented…
Should I help? I am the other Slytherin, however you do have your own story-line as of right now. over a year ago
over a year ago Alvin2442 said…
After studying, Alvin retreated back in the the dungeons, for a little exploration. Just by paying attention, I could tell someone just entered this place, so I wonder where they would be, 'cause they obviously didn't enter the common room. Just as he trip over a body..."What the..." He turned around and saw his perfect.
over a year ago Emmalou13 said…
Name: Emmaline Lorelei Saraphina Carlbrun

Age: 16

Year: 6th

House: Hufflepuff

Personality: Clever, Funny, Outgoing, talkative, naive, energetic, bubbly, sweet, honest, Always sees the good in people, and innocent. And very devoted and proud of Hufflepuff.

Appearance: Long golden-brown hair, big stormy gray-blue eyes with dark lashes, light freckles, tan, slim, and tall.

Family: Muggle born, has 3 sisters (All Wizards) (One of which is at Hogwarts her name is Lillian, or but I call her Lily, or Lil, and she is 13 in her 3rd year)

Past: Before going to Hogwarts, I lived in a small house sharing a room with my 3 sisters. I am the oldest. My family owns a bakery that I help out in.

Abilities: I have a special bond with my wand (hah I rime!) If anyone else other then me tries to use it, nothing will happen.

Fears: That People won't like me, and I have a strange fear of fire.

Wand: Ash with Unicorn Core, 141/2", Pliant.

Anything Extra: 1. I have a cat (She is on the smaller side) Her name Callisto (but I call her Callie) she has black fur and white paws.
2. I LOVE anything art related!!!! Drawing, painting, creating etc. I also love Archery :)
3. I met my best friend at my first year at Hogwarts, her name is Alyssia and we are always together!
4. Single

Secret: Alyssia and I snuck into Hogsmeade in our 2nd year ;)

Would Anyone like to be Alyssia?
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 Name: Emmaline Lorelei Saraphina Carlbrun Age: 16 Year: 6th House: Hufflepuff Persona
over a year ago Alvin2442 said…
(Don't know. I don't know.)
over a year ago Goldenliz said…
(Apologies for being inactive since I am currently on holidays with barely any access to the internet since there is barely any WiFi but yes this rp is still continuing and welcome to the roleplay Emma :))
Emmalou13 commented…
Thank you!! :D over a year ago
over a year ago Alvin2442 said…
(Well...when ever Golden or karolink post...)
over a year ago Goldenliz said…
Penelope had a perfectly plain and boring first day. Students squealed in excitement because they were reunited by school once again. The teachers were ruthless and gave out a lot of homework. The only thing penelope really looked forward to was art it was the only place she really focused in when she tried to capture every detail of a drawing it was also when she talked to Millicent, who Penelope was convinced was a good person. Yet her surprise was large when Millicent did not attend art, normal for any other student but Millicent was the embodiment of perfect attendance and her absence caused Penelope to
Worry slightly. Once art was finished and she completed her assignments, Penelope decided to go the Slytherin dorm in the dungeon to make sure Millicent was alright, she simply planned to ask a Slytherin in a polite voice about Millicent's location and leave. With my unmemorable features they probably wouldn't even remember me in the morning which was what I wanted. I spotted a Slytherin and approached him with the question on my lips when I spotted Millicent's body on the ground. My body stood paralysed in shock and I gazed at the Slytherin standing near her body.

over a year ago Alvin2442 said…
Alvin glanced back to see someone who was definitely not in Slytherin in the dungeons. He groaned looked how it could have looked like he did this, however he had no reason to prove himself innocent or honest to a Ravenclaw. He however did quickly pick up his prefect. And stared at the Ravenclaw. "What are you doing in the dungeons?" As he walked swiftly passed, planning to go to the infirmary right, after the thought how finally hit him.

He continued to muter to himself.
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over a year ago Goldenliz said…
After the Slytherins question, my shock and paralysis wore off and quickly hurried after the Slytherin who was carrying Millicent, he muttered to himself and I was seriously beginning to worry about Millicent, I wasn't really sure how to react in this situation but my mind was overcome with one question "What happened to Millicent?"
over a year ago Emmalou13 said…
"Cranberries!" I exclaimed loudly using the swear my sisters and I made up years ago. The Stairs moved again! I stomped forward, annoyed. I had told Lillian I would help her with her history essay, but at this rate I would never get to the common room. I found a window and looked out. Good. I was near ground level. So at least I was near the floor where the Hufflepuff common room was. I huffed again and heard a familiar laugh behind me. I turned around and say Allissia running toward me! "Whatcha doing Em?" She said running up next to me. Allisia was my best friend ever, even though she was in Griffindor, we still spent a LOT of time with each other. She shook her long wavy dark hair and fell in step with me. "I got lost." I said. "Well, I finished all my homework so I'll be lost with you!" I looked at her suspiciously knowing Aly, "really... ALL your homework" She shrugged. "Look!" She said. "Your common room is near the kitchen right? Well, there is some stairs going down! We might as well try them."

"This is definitely not the kitchen." She was right. We were in the dungeons. "Well lets g-" "Stop!" I whispered grabbing her arm. "I hear something" Aly smiled, she loved adventure and we walked around a corner. I dropped my bag in astonishment at what I saw.

(my first RP post! am I doing it right? I'm still trying to catch on the story)

(Here is a pic of Allissia, or Aly, for short)
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 "Cranberries!" I exclaimed loudly using the swear my sisters and I made up years ago. The Stairs mov
Goldenliz commented…
you're doing fine don't worry over a year ago
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Great! Thank you! over a year ago
Emmalou13 commented…
so what do I do next? over a year ago
over a year ago Alvin2442 said…
"Do I look like I know?" Alvin said, looking to see two more people. "Oh great, a Hufflepuff and a Gryffindor, today is just a lucky day isn't. Get out, now!' He hissed at the other two, as he pressed forward. His face, turning emotionless, as he finally got out of the dungeons. Then he pressed forward to the infirmary.
over a year ago Goldenliz said…
I blustered a bit, surprised I said the question aloud when I spotted the gryffindor and Hufflepuff, I felt like we were part of a really bad joke, like four students from each house meet over a body..
Yet then again I recognized the gryffindor colours and asked her "Excuse me can you get Gavin Finneran? He's Millicent boyfriend and he should know she's safe". I then nodded at them, I sort of had to look up because I'm smaller than most, I then ran after the Slytherin, determined to see Millicent in the infirmary.

over a year ago Emmalou13 said…
I stood in shock. Alyssia picked up my bag and handed it to me I smiled weakly at her. Penelope asked to get Millicent's boyfriends then she hurried after Alivin. "Sure" Allissia said then grabbed my hand and pulled me out. "What Happened?" I said in astonishment, finally finding my voice. "I don't know... Maybe I should go to the headmaster... Oh look! There's your common room entrance! 'll see you late!" "ok..." I tapped the tune of "Helga Hufflepuff" on the 3rd barrel next to the kitchen, then stepped into the common room. It was late, the stars were already appearing outside the many round windows. I spotted Lily sitting by herself across the room. "Hey Lil" I said. She looked at me disapprovingly. "You said you would help me with my history essay!" "I... erm... got lost?" "Whatever" she said and went back to righting. "How did quidditch practice go?" She immediately perked up and began chatting about the practice. I sat back and thought about what had happened this afternoon...

(My sister Lillian, we do look similar but I'm taller, she is a big quidditch player, I have freckles, and I'm tanner, and she has bluer eyes)
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 I stood in shock. Alyssia picked up my bag and handed it to me I smiled weakly at her. Penelope asked
over a year ago Alvin2442 said…
Alvin gave Millicent to Madam Promfey. He explained all that he knew, from when he found Millicent. After that, he headed to Potions with Professor Slughorn. He had heard that they were learning how to brew luck. He swiftly moved up the stairs, so they couldn't switch. He was three first to enter the class.
over a year ago Alvin2442 said…
(Emma....we wouldn't be in potions together, Alvin is a 6th Year...your a 5th....you might want to change that detail on your profile. So...I'm am continue with you being there, but you need to be in 6th Year.)

Alvin looked around the class to see that same Hufflepuff. He let out a large puff of air. A lot of students still haven't arrived yet, so he moved to the seat next to her. "You shouldn't mess around things you don't understand, Emma." He said, swiftly. "Even I don't understand. My point is, you leave curiosity behind, before something bad happens." Alvin kept his voice low, before he moved back to his regular spot.
over a year ago Goldenliz said…
After making sure Milicent was in safe hands I scurried off to the library, since I had a free class. I hoped Millicent was going to be alright but I knew her boyfriend and friend would be there for her. I chuckled softly to myself, I knew that If I collapsed I would have concern from some ravenclaws, but none of them would truly care, before I could wallow further in self pity I felt as if my brain was exploding inside my head. In other words I was having a prediction. I put my head in my hands and bit my tongue to avoid screaming. With shaking hand I took out a pencil and art paper, my head still reeling I was blind as my hand narrated at image. When I refocused and felt the metallic taste of blood in my mouth, I stared at the image. It was detailed and I knew that it was not I who personally drew it. It was the ruins of a majestic castle, I knew it was Hogwarts. How optimistic! I folded the paper neatly and put it in my bag
Feeling weak and on the verge of collapsing I made my way to dinner.
over a year ago Alvin2442 said…
(Um....So...how long did that prediction take? Since not your going to dinner, and everyone has dinner at the same time....)

Potions class was over, and Alvin wasn't bothered by Emma again. He walked to the Dining Hall and got prepared to eat. Although, after dinner he was going to check on his prefect. He never talked to her before, but Slytherins look out for each other.
over a year ago Emmalou13 said…
I spotted Penelope across the room at the Ravenclaw table I tried to catch her eye and then motioned for her to meet me later
over a year ago Alvin2442 said…
Alvin scarfed down his food, attempting to leave the Dinning Room as quickly as possible. He then went to the infirmary to check on his prefect. He waved off the nurse. "I'm just a fellow Slytherin who checking on his prefect!" The nurse finally let him in to see Millicent.
over a year ago Emmalou13 said…
After dinner I followed Penelope outside the hall then grabbed her arm and pulled her into a nearby room. "I'm kinda freaked out" I whispered "Do you have any idea what happened? What was wrong with that prefect? Please, do you know anything?"
over a year ago Goldenliz said…
After being dragged and attacked by questions I put on my best poker face and spoke in monotone." I know nothing, don't worry she's in safe hands" unsure what else to say I walked off in my annoyingly short strides
over a year ago Emmalou13 said…
I sighed. I guess it was none of my business, but I couldn't help wondering what had happened! I was acting like Allissia! I watched Penelope go. then sat down and absently stared at the ceiling. Suddenly I got up and headed toward the infirmary.
over a year ago Goldenliz said…
Walking off, I had a sudden realization.What if Millicent's lack uof health had something to do with the destruction of Hogwarts? I cast outside these thoughts, what benefit would they have! Once I reached the common room, I sat at an unoccupied desk and began writing my letter for my brother, thanking him for the gift and the usual chit chat. Unfortunately, my quill at the bottom of my bag caused me to somehow end up on the floor with the contents of the bag. Jace being the gentleman he was picked them up for me and then stopped suddenly. I knew he laid his eyes on my very detailed and destructive image of Hogwarts. Without saying a word he folded it gently and returned it to me, then clasped my hand to help me up on my feet. My eyes met his storm grey ones, and I hurriedly stuffed the papers and walked out of the common room, his eyes calculating me as I left. I then scrumpled the image and tossed in the direction of a rubbish bin. I then walked to the owlery to send my letter to Noah
over a year ago Alvin2442 said…
Alvin looked over his Prefect with the eyes of a snake. With realization, his breath hitched. She's in a near-death state. That's when he heard another enter the infirmary. "Emma, are you even gonna listen to what I have to say."
over a year ago Emmalou13 said…
I peered around her, "But theres a Slytherin in there!" "Dear girl, that's his prefect. Now go find your sister or something." After Madam Pomfrey kicked me out of the infirmary I went back to my common room. I grabbed my much loved sketch book and ran outside to the quidditch field where Lily was practicing. I sat down and and began to draw. I loved drawing, and it was almost like I couldn't hear the world around me when I drew. I thought about Penelope, she seemed nice. She was in a different house, but so was Aly! And look at us!
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over a year ago Alvin2442 said…
Alvin strided out of the infirmary, thanking Madam Pomfrey. He followed Emma to the Quidditch Pitch, he watched her sister Lily. (What position does Lily play?) His broomstick basically appeared next to him, as he went near the broom shack. He then flew up towards Lily.
over a year ago Goldenliz said…
I tied my letter to an owls leg and told her Noahs current location. When the owl flew off I remained admiring the scenery. Hogwarts truly was a magnificent place and I really did hope my predictions did not cone true. I sighed softly, as I leaned against the rail. I spent numerous hours here in solitude letting my thoughts run free in my mind. That's when I felt the unwelcome but familiar pain of the future being for told. Yet I never got two predictions in the same day. Never. I suddenly became a bird watching myself lean over the rail and then a masked and hooded figure take a gun and shoot me twice in the head. Yet when the bullets exploded, they caused a green light familiar to avada kedavra, the impact causing me to collapse and die
I blinked and was back to my position where the prediction said I would die. I forcibly locked all the panic ofy mind into the tightest corner and forced myself to relax. I was going to travel the world with Noah, I refused to die this death, I also wanted to see who was attempting to end my life. I pretended to be I. Deep thought but when I heard the slightest movement I was going to strike. My hand slid into my cloak and I was ready to discreetly take out my wand but when I felt my pocket I paled as I realized it was empty
I must have dropped it and then stuffed it in my bag. That's when I heard the footsteps and turned around swiftly to meet a gun pointed at my head. The mask reavealled nothing, completely dark. With no time to take out my wand or do anything to save myself, I did what any desperate person would do, I took a chance. With a surge of adrenaline, I quickly leaped over the railing narrowly avoiding the avada kedavra bullet. I was planning to grab the railing from underneath but what if the figure went after me? I was foolish to think I could defeat the figure, I knew nothing about the avada kedavra bullet. It wasn't even a duel. Instead, once I was falling to my death, I took off my cloak and bag, which were heavier thene because of the amount of books. I then leaped aside and grabbed onto anything I could find, my hands were bloody and mutilated as I held onto a gargoyle statue
I looked below me, my cloak and bag on the floor making it look like I fell to my death. I cautiously looked up at the figure. The figures body posture looked pleased at my demise. It turned around and dispersed into 7 crows. I remembered a saying about crows, one crow for sorrow, two crows for mirth, three for a funeral, four for a birth, five for heaven, six for hell, seven crows for the devil himself.
Yet I couldn't think about that, I was too busy celebrating my survival. I laughed, it was a rasping and desperate sound. I slowly began to climb down, my bloody hands numb with the pain as I climbed down the owlery tower, when close to the ground I jumped and landed like a cat. I then began walking to my cloak and my bag