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superDivya posted on Jan 14, 2014 at 01:34PM
Set in year 5. Please fill this!



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over a year ago Flora_Swift said…
>Name- Crystal Eversnow
>Age- 15
>Year- 5
>Looks- pic
>Personality- Shy, brave, can't see anyone get hurt, caring, selfless.
>Wand- Willow, Unicorn hair, 14 inches.
>Birthday- jan 3rd
>House- Gryffindor
>Other- Crystal has a very strange gift and curse. Everything that she touches will turn into ice, and she can make it snow with her hands. A bit like the snow queen. So, she wears gloves and doesn't usually make contact with anyone.
 >Name- Crystal Eversnow >Age- 15 >Year- 5 >Looks- pic >Personality- Shy, brave, can't see anyone
athenachild13 commented…
so she's basically elsa over a year ago
over a year ago athenachild13 said…
>Name- Aeyira Everett
>Age- 15
>Year- 5
>Looks- Long wavy and silky black hair (usually in a braid), large grey eyes, tiny (height/weight)
>Personality- genius, very friendly, creative
>Wand- cherry and phoenix feather, 10 inches
>Birthday- October 3
>House- Ravenclaw
>Other- she has a really good voice but doesn't like to sing in front of people, her younger sister Maiya is a 1st year in Hufflepuff
over a year ago mariburz said…
>Name -- Bridget Shadows
>Age ---------- 15
>Year---------- 5
>Eyes: grey
>Hair: brown, typically in ponytail with many flyaways
>Physique: tall, thin
>Personality: very smart, tends to zone out, likes to walk or run in circles when she thinks, likes making scientific theories about most things, likes science, likes sci-fi and fantasy, hates most sports, usually tells people random facts or reading or going on computers or watching TV
>Wand:-------Ebony, phoenix feather core, 10 3/4 inches
>Birthday:---- July 11
>Other:-------- learned to read at 3, PJO fangirl, Doctor Who fangirl.
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over a year ago mariburz said…
((Is this RP active?))
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over a year ago athenachild13 said…
((ikd, i just joined today...))
over a year ago athenachild13 said…
((if nobody answers we can probably just start))