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mimillama123 posted on Sep 23, 2013 at 11:33PM
hi! this is my first roleplay! so if you want to join please post your:


and you can add more if you want to! (you can join at any time you don't have to ask!) thank you!

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over a year ago mimillama123 said…
PS starts at harry's 4th year

name: kylie rivers
age: 14
year: 4th
looks: curly dark brown hair, a little button nose, warm brown eyes
personality: sweet and funny, but a little shy and can be rude
likes: the ocean, her friends, sweets
dislikes: gossips, olives, and is terrified of heights
pet: owl named fenira
over a year ago mimillama123 said…
(( okay this starts right before they get on the train. feel free to jump in whenever( but please describe your character first!)
over a year ago mimillama123 said…
kylie walked toward the hogwarts express, very aware of Fenira's talons digging into her shoulder. "Settle down, fen. There's nothing to be afraid of." Fenira had always been very anxious. She was an ordinary brown speckled barn owl, but kylie had gotten her for her 11th birthday and was very fond of her. "See? Here's the door. everything's fine." She noticed people staring at her and blushed- she talked to fenira all the time, and forgot that it was unusual. she walked down the aisle, looking for an empty compartment. she found one, and slipped inside. soon Harry potter came in. "Hi. D'you mind if i sit here?" he asked, very polite. "yeah, sure!" she said, and moved her things to make room. he sat down by the window and looked out of it. kylie bit her lip and looked around, trying to think of something to say. she landed on quidditch, and, knowing he was a player himself, struck up a conversation. he answered when she asked a question, and was very nice about it, but she could tell he just wanted to think. she was embarrassed. he probably wanted an empty compartment, and here she was, chittering like a monkey. she shoved her nose in a book, and listened to the train.
over a year ago athenachild13 said…
name: Gabrielle Holden (Gabi)
age: 14
year: 4
house: ravenclaw
looks: long caramel-colored hair, tall, freckles, green eyes
personality: sweet, bubbly, artistic
likes: singing, drawing/painting, swimming, daydreaming
dislikes: snobs/popular girls, spiders, boys who flirt
pet: 2 kittens named Sun and Moon
other: she is luna lovegood's cousin
over a year ago athenachild13 said…
I wandered into a compartment. "Oh hi, um can I sit in here?"
over a year ago mimillama123 said…
kylie looked up. "oh, uh, yeah." she moved fenira, who gave an indignant hoot, for the new girl. "my name's kylie. what's yours?"
over a year ago oodango said…
I really lazy to make a new character so here Comet.
Name : Comet Moon
Age 15
Year : 5th
Looks : Very light blonde hair that looks white, dreamy expression, pale, big blue eyes
Personality : Dreamy, Vague, Far off, Comet loves fantasy, She's a big far of astrology, finding it very interesting. Comet is friendly and always is cheerful, she comes across as bizarre with her ideas and fantasy. People don't really take her seriously.
Likes : Creamy food, the colour white, Planets, Astrology, Fantasy, Sometimes science
Dislikes : Phobias, Time or clocks
over a year ago athenachild13 said…
((real creative oodango...))
"I'm Gabi." I smiled vaguely at Kylie and pulled out my drawing pad. I began to sketch something carefully.
over a year ago mimillama123 said…
Harry only then noticed her. "Hello. I'm Harry." he said, without looking away from the window. kylie looked at the girl- Gabi. she noticed how attentively gabi was drawing and decided not to bother her. she looked out of the window too. only then did she notice that they were on a bridge, high above the water. her heart started racing, and she clutched the windowsill, forcing herself to look away. she tried to read, but she couldn't forget how high up they were and how rickety the train suddenly seemed. kylie heard the lady from the trolley coming, and got up, thinking that something to settle her stomach might be good. she walked out and bought a box of every flavor beans. she walked back into the compartment, and willed herself not to throw up. she fed fenira a few beans just for fun, but the owl didn't seem to like or dislike them. she just sat and fell asleep, her head tucked under a wing. Well, great, kylie thought. there goes my last hope of distracting myself. just then, harry looked up and saw her. "you okay? you look kind of green."
"yeah, i'm- i'm fine." kylie said, trying to sound normal. then they were off of the bridge, and she felt much better. "really." she looked at gabi's drawing. " what are you drawing?" she asked.
over a year ago oodango said…
((((Athena, I don't always have to make a new character if I don't want to, I can stick with my old ones. I'm don't really care if it's creative or not, Do I always have to make a new character for every Harry potter RP I go on. No. I don't.))
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over a year ago athenachild13 said…
((ok sorry to upset you or something... i was sort of joking))
I instinctively turned the pad away from Kylie. "Its... um just a picture..."
over a year ago mimillama123 said…
kylie studied gabi's face. "okay." she said carefully. she ate an every flavor bean. peanut. huh. "want one?" she asked gabi, holding out the box.
over a year ago Wotch-ya said…
((May I join?))
mimillama123 commented…
((sure! over a year ago
over a year ago athenachild13 said…
"Thanks Kylie!" I picked one out and tried it. Strawberry!
over a year ago superDivya said…
((can i join, please?))

name - Adriana Homer
nickname - Adri
age - 14
year - 4
house - Gryffindor
looks - picture
personality - a type of snobby, flattery gets her everywhere, helpful, gets angry really fast, mischevious, caring, really nice once u get to know her
likes - pranks, talking, Slytherins, flying, friends, Rawenclaws, Herbology, Potions
dislikes - Astronomy, Divination, Transfiguration, how hair comes on the face when there is a breeze
fave teacher - Flitwick
Teacher she hates- Trelawney
Wand- 11" Dragon Heartstring, Pheonix feather core, willow
Blood - Half
Bio- Draco Malfoy is her cousin
Boggart- dark night
pet- Owl named Elega
OTher- She will do anything for her friends, her Uncle was tortured by Voldemort when he was at large 14 years ago. Plays Quidditch, Keeper. Best friends with Fred and George, Luna is a god friend of hers, Hermione is a close friend, too. Crush on Ron, Fred and George know.
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 ((can i join, please?)) [i][b]name - Adriana Homer nickname - Adri age - 14 ano - 4 house -
mimillama123 commented…
((accepted! over a year ago
over a year ago oodango said…
((Oh, I'm sorry! I mis read your comment, I'm really sorry, I hope I wasn't harsh.))
athenachild13 commented…
thats fine dont worry about it over a year ago
over a year ago Wotch-ya said…
((Here goes.))

Name: Lillianna (Lily) Simmons
Age: 14
Year: 5th
Blood: Half
House: Slytherin
Bio: Lillianna Simmons was born on the 30th July, 1979. Her father is a psychopathic con artist, who takes pleasure from conning innocent people. Consequently, from a young age, Lillianna was exposed to deceit, theft and lies. Much is not known about her father, but it is said that he could be more powerful than Lord Voldemort.
By the age of eleven, Lillianna was more magically developed then peers her age. She uses lies and deceit to get what she wanted and whenever she wanted.
Appearance: She has long, flowing, silvery-blonde hair, dark brown eyes and sharp facial features. She has: thin pencil-like lips, a thin, pointed nose, thin eyebrows and sticking-out ears.
Personality: Deceitful, mischievous and cunning. She is a thief and cruel prankster. She is intelligent and calculating. She uses great charisma to get away with her crimes.
Patronus: Fox.
Likes: Pranks, theft, Slytherins and power.
Dislikes: Failure, Gryffindors, Teachers and detentions.

Lillianna strode along the aisle, looking for an compartment. She had already pranked a small 1st year, so she carried a proud smile on her face. She slid the door open to a compartment, "Unfortunately, everywhere else is full." She said, walking in and taking a seat near the window. She looked at a girl, who had brown eyes and a rather evil looking owl. "You must Kylie, right?"
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over a year ago mimillama123 said…
"yeah," kylie responded, surprised. "how did you know who i was?"
over a year ago athenachild13 said…
I looked up at the girl. "Hello..." I was suddenly shy.
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over a year ago Wotch-ya said…
Lillianna pointed at Kylie's suitcase, which was placed on the top shelf. "Everyone can see it." She replied, pointing at Kylie's suitcase.
over a year ago mimillama123 said…
"Oh.. um.. okay." kylie looked out the window, not knowing what to say. the girl seemed nice enough, but first impressions can be misleading- she didn't trust the mischevious glint in her eyes. fenira hooted loudly, suddenly alert."what- oh!" kylie exclaimed. "we're almost there! i should go and change." she got up to leave."i never did catch your name, by the way."she said to the girl.
over a year ago Wotch-ya said…
"Lillianna Simmons, call me Lily." She announced. Lillianna was already in her Slytherin school robes.
over a year ago superDivya said…
"umm..hey guys! can I sit here? everyone is full, and i need to keep my luggage somewhere!" and before anyone could reply, Adriana entered he compartment and pushed her luggage up, she took her pet owl and give her some food. the owl hooted.
over a year ago oodango said…
"Can I too?" A voice peeked in, coming in to the compartment, sitting down slowly, timidly looking around.
over a year ago mimillama123 said…
"sure! we're almost here though, you should probably change into your school clothes soon. fen, no. come with me." fenira had tried to make a mad dash for the food. on her way to the changing room she fed her the rest of the beans. when she came out,, she saw some carriages in front of them, and a few boats in a lake to their left. she knew that the first years would go on the boats, which was a bit of a shame. she wouldve liked to see their faces when they catch their first glimpse of hogwarts. she sat down restlessly, having to wait until they say to get out.
over a year ago Wotch-ya said…
The train slowed to the halt. Llillanna was the person to hop of the train and climb onto the first carriage.
over a year ago athenachild13 said…
I stepped off and tried to find a carriage without anyone in it. I slipped into one.
over a year ago superDivya said…
"Okay Elega! We are home!" Adriana stepped out of the train and entered into a carriage with Fred and George.
over a year ago superDivya said…
((We take pets with us on the carriage? Or they come with the luggage??))
over a year ago Wotch-ya said…
((I think they come with the luggage.))

Lillianna fell asleep on the carriage.
over a year ago superDivya said…
"So, new pranks? I got about a trunk-full right now! Target, Filch!" Smiled Adriana to Fred and George, with a mischievous look.
over a year ago Wotch-ya said…
Lillianna was awoken by a hard object crashing into her carriage. She noticed a red apple, rolling in between her feet. Lillianna picked up the apple and noted to see who might of thrown it. Draco, Crabbe and Goyle were sitting opposite of her, so she quickly eliminated them. Plus Draco had a slight crush on her. Why would he want throw an apple at her? Besides, he wouldn't be able do it in his sleep.
Pansy glanced at the Gryffindor carriage, "Maybe it came from over there." She whispered, leering at the next carriage following.
over a year ago athenachild13 said…
I peeked cautiously out of the front window and saw Pansy glaring at me from the carriage in front of me. I quickly returned to my drawing.
over a year ago Wotch-ya said…
More Slytherins, including Draco, looked at the Gryffindor carriage.
"It come from over there, I saw it." Draco sneered, pushing towards the front. He noticed a girl, drawing, and peering at them, then swiftly went back to her drawing. Draco frowned, "I bet she did it!" He accused with a leering glare.
"We should throw it back at her." Pansy suggested. "Teach her a lesson, or two."
Nods of agreement came from the other Slytherins.
Draco took the apple from Lillianna and catapulted the apple towards, with the girl in it's direct path.
over a year ago superDivya said…
"What kind? Tell me fast!" The twins said together, excited.
"Umm, invisible chalk, bubble food, shampoo which makes your hair change colour according to your mood, do you about the TriWizard Tournament this year? I will participate if I can." Adriana said happily.
over a year ago mimillama123 said…
kylie was in her carriage, reading, when a girl ran up to her with a roll of parchment. she had gray eyes, curly pink hair, and a pointy chin. "hello. this is for you." she said, very businesslike. "thank you." kylie said. the girl left with a stumble and a curse. kylie didn't know who this girl was, but she liked her. she opened it to find a letter from professor flitwick, her head of house. "hello, miss rivers. i would greatly appreciate it if you would come to my office after my first class with ravenclaw. we have much to discuss. signed,
professor flitwick."

she smiled. it would be an interesting day tomorrow. she saw draco malfoy throw an apple at the gryffindor carriage. she rolled her eyes. the slytherins were always picking on the gryffindors- though not without provocation. she thought the rivalry was annoying and somewhat inconvenient, but entertaining. she smiled when she saw the apple sail back toward the other carriage, then was slightly less pleased when her carriage suddenly sped up and the apple whacked her in the head. "Owwwww!" she yelled. she looked and saw gabi with her hand over her mouth, and all the slytherins cracking up. she glared at them before returning to her book.
over a year ago Wotch-ya said…
"Great shot!" Pansy shouted with laughter.
over a year ago superDivya said…
"Great! We got some too, can't reveal the secrets here. We'll show our tricks in the Common Room after dinner, agreed?" Twins gave her a mischievous look.
"Ofcourse!" Adriana smiled.
over a year ago Wotch-ya said…
Lillianna waved at Adriana.
over a year ago superDivya said…
Adriana waved back and smiled.
over a year ago Wotch-ya said…
((Time skip? Great Hall?))
over a year ago athenachild13 said…
I ate quietly, looking nervously at the Slytherins. As I watched, Malfoy loudly remarked, "I'd like to rip up that mass of scribbles she was drawing. Serves her right for throwing that apple." I ducked my head in embarrassment as two Slytherin girls sneered in my direction and a loud uproar of laughter echoed in the Hall. Pansy Parkinson stood up, made her way over to the table, and snatched my sketchpad. She handed it to Malfoy who slipped it into his pocket with a smirk.
over a year ago mimillama123 said…
kylie looked over at the Gryffindor table and saw fred weasley wink at Adrianna. she didn't like the look of that.
she saw pansy Parkinson walk over and grab gabi's sketchpad that she had been drawing in nearly the whole trip. how pansy knew where it was, she had no idea. pansy passed it to draco malfoy, the scumbag.
kylie would've liked to smack that stupid smirk off his pointy little face. she was kind of impressed with herself for that thought, being an ordinarily nonviolent person. she hated draco malfoy, for reasons she couldn't even explain. it was just the way he carried himself, like he owned the world, and everything in it was beneath his notice.
she wanted to go and get the sketchpad back for gabi, but she was too shy. she SO wanted to.
she decided she would. what was the worst thing that could happen? she got up and walked over.

"hey. listen, that sketchpad belongs to my friend. would you mind if I took it back to her?" she flashed him a dazzling smile. she tried to make her voice light and friendly, and she thought she did a pretty good job.
over a year ago Wotch-ya said…
Lillianna walked over to Draco and snatched the sketchpad from his grasp. "How low can you get?" She hissed, passing the sketchpad back to Kylie. "Sorry about the fuss." She said apologetically, giving Draco a disapproval look.
over a year ago superDivya said…
"Look at that, Malfoy harassed. Let's see if I can get a chance, I li'l sec will do it." Adriana said as she stood up from the Gryffindor table and went over to Slytherins'. The Slytherins didn't notice her, they were way too busy to see what would Draco reply. She took Draco's pumpkin juice and added a few small white tablets in it, giving the twins a mischievous look. She got out of the Slytherin place and back to the Gryffindor without a single Slytherin seeing.
"What did you just did? No, no! Is it?" George roared with laughter.
"What is what?" Asked Fred, confused.
"Uh, stupid! She just added a pimple pastille into Malfoy's drink! The moment he drinks it, pimples will start coming on his face!" George explained, still laughing. Adriana nodded and laughed.
over a year ago Wotch-ya said…
"Draco, I don't think it's a good idea you drink that." Lillianna warned, taking the drink away from Draco's lips.
"Why, what's the matter with my drink?" Draco scowled, snatching the drink from Lillianna's grasp.
Lillianna roughly snatched the drink out of Draco's hand and placed on the table. "She spiked your drink." Lillianna told. "I saw her do it."
Draco gazed at Lillianna. That gaze told Lillianna that Draco believed her and wanted to get even.
over a year ago mimillama123 said…
kylie smiled at lillianna. "thank you!" she said, and walked over to gabi to give her back her sketchbook. well, that wasn't so bad, she thought. she got to the Gryffindor table in time to see Adriana leave it and put a few white tablets into draco malfoy's drink. she grinned. she normally tried to stay neutral in the whole dispute, but to be honest, she agreed with anything that may give draco malfoy trouble. she gave the sketchpad back to gabi.
over a year ago athenachild13 said…
I muttered a thank-you and nearly started to cry. [Gabi, cool it, he probably didnt even look at the drawing.] I thought. I bit my lip and flipped back to my drawing. I pulled out my colored pencils and started lightly shading.
over a year ago mimillama123 said…
kylie noticed the tears, and was a little startled. "um, are you okay?" she asked, sitting next to her.
over a year ago superDivya said…
"Oh my God!! Really, Adri I can't believe it!" Fred roared with laughter.