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kool123 posted on Jul 14, 2011 at 04:52PM
okay this is a fun little thing i came up with! Imagine you're in Harry Potter world (i know amazing right?!).
In your forum post, fill out the list of who you would choose to be your:

Best friend:

hope you guys enjoy this, ;)!
Abigail Martin (kool123)

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over a year ago ros59 said…
Name:Jasmine Lily Potter
Crush/date:Ron Weasley(in my case,husband)
Parents:Lily and James Potter
Siblings:Harry James Potter(my twin brother)
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over a year ago xokaylaxob said…
name: analiese sohma
best friend: fred/george weasley
crush/date: fred wesley
parents: kyo and tohru
siblings: evan (older brother)
enemy: bellatrix (she kills fred my boyfriend!!)
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over a year ago Lunalovely said…
Name: Diana Patino
Best friend: Fred and George Weasley
Crush/date: George Weasley
Parents: muggles
Siblings: Melissa(older)
Enemy: The Slytherins (all of them)
over a year ago kool123 said…
ok i'll put mine
Name: Abigail Martin (dont wanna change!)
Best friend: Hermione & Luna
Crush/date: fancy Oliver Wood at first and then Draco Malfoy
Parents: Muggles
Siblings: None, love being only child!
Enemy: Lavender Brown (she annoys me!)
over a year ago FriendsIsMyLife said…
Name: Megan Weasley
Best Friend: Harry and Hermione
Crush/date: Oliver Wood!!!!!!!
Parents: Arthur and Molly Weasley
Siblings: Bill, Charlie, Percy, Fred, George, (I fit in here) Ron, Ginny
Enemy: Bellatrix Lestrange ( killed my brother) + Dolores Umbridge (Grrrrr)
over a year ago saz19126 said…
Name: Lillian Joy Wood
Best Friend: Luna
Crush/date: Neville Longbottom
Parents: Ivan and Lydia Wood
Siblings: Oliver
Enemy: Percy Weasley (really grates me)
over a year ago FairuzBones said…
big smile
Name : Axelia Leandra Roosevelt
Best Friend : Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley, Harry Potter, Blaise Zabini
Crush/Date : Draco Malfoy
Parents : Abigail and Stephen Roosevelt
Siblings : Archibald Roosevelt (older brother) and Alexander Roosevelt (twin brother)
Enemy : Cho Chang and Pansy Parkinson
over a year ago ErnieHannah333 said…
Name: Liliana Potter
Best freind: Ernie, hannah, Ginny, Hermione
Crush/date: Ernie
Parents: Er.. I think they died :P Lily and James Potter
Siblings: harry
Enemy: Draco, percy
over a year ago keladz said…
Name: Theresa Elladora Snape Nee Black
Best freind: Remus Lupin, Tonks, Hermione, Draco, Minerva
Husband: Severus Snape
Parents: Cecil Black and Elladora Malfoy
Siblings: Oliver, Alexander, Thomas and Maximus
Enemy: Her Father (Death Eater)
Children: Scarlett Eileen, Alexander Severus, Sofia Elladora and Aidan Tobias(twins), Alfie Oliver and Sareya Elizabeth.
over a year ago Belatrix said…
Name: Elisabeth Holmes
Best friend: Hermione, Neville, Susan Bones
Crush: Ron, maybe...
Parents: Muggles, Drake and Elisa Holmes
Siblings: Jake and Maria
Enemy: Dolores Umbridge, Draco and Lucius
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over a year ago Brooklyn_Helena said…
Name: Lilith Avada Black (My Harry Potter dad doesn't really have a last name..)
Best friends: Draco, Pansy, Crabbe, Goyle
Crush/date(I'm not as evil as my parents below, why I'm this person's girlfriend): Neville Longbottom(:
Parents: Bellatrix Black- LeStrange & Lord Voldemort
Siblings: Avalon Leah Black & Alexander Jasper (younger, twins)
Enemy:Harry, Hermione, the Weasleys
over a year ago Bibi69 said…
Name: Brigitte Brazeau (I don't wanna change either, I like my name :))
Best friend: Ron Weasley
Crush/date: Draco Malfoy
Parents: Daniel & Suzanne (Muggles)
Siblings: Isabelle, Olivier & Alexandre (All older and Muggles)
Enemy: Lord Voldemort
Hehe, only witch in my familly :P
over a year ago MattieWeasley said…
Name: Mattie Hermione Weasley
BFF: Hazel Duncan (I made her up a long time ago)
Crush/date: James Sirius Potter
Parents: Ron and Hermione Weasley
Siblings: Rose Weasley, Hugo Weasley
Enemy: Sailor, Julia, and Emma (made them up too)

this picture is from when I am 11 during my first year at hogwarts :)
 Name: Mattie Hermione Weasley BFF: Hazel Duncan (I made her up a long time ago) Crush/date: James S
over a year ago MattieWeasley said…
And here's a pic from my fifth year! I'm 16 (becuase my bday is 9/11)
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 And here's a pic from my fifth year! I'm 16 (becuase my bday is 9/11)