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Harry Potter Audio Books?

oi guys,
I was wondering if you guys knew of any websites where I might download some of the Harry Potter books for free. Has anyone heard of anything like this?
Thanks so much! :)
 Harry Potter Audio Books?
 marissa posted over a year ago
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shieldmaiden said:
That's illegal and I strongly discourage you from downloading the audiobooks for free from the internet. That is basically stealing rightful profits to JK Rowling and Jim Dale, who does the voicing on the audiobooks. If you are looking for a cheap/inexpensive way to listen to the Harry Potter audiobooks, I would suggest visiting your local library. You should be able to borrow it from the biblioteca as many libraries these days have developed good audiobook sections. I know many libraries in my area have good audiobook selections to borrow for free. Just be sure to return it back on time so as to not incur any late fees =)
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posted over a year ago 
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