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Fanfiction help!

Does anyone have any full names I could use for my fanfictions about the seguinte Generation?

Do you have any ideas for the name is of the fã fic?

Any idea of the story line?

 koolamelia posted over a year ago
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cunha27 said:
I'm no good at creative composição literária and any ideas I have are usually pretty lame, so I won't subject you to them. I did however come across a couple of sites that might help you with some of your questions:

link - A fã fiction ideas generator.

link - A HP name generator with links to other helpful HP fã fiction ideas generators.

None of them give you plot ideas, but they should help with everything else.
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posted over a year ago 
friday13__ said:
I think you should use a crippled nuclear bomb disposer as a main character.
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posted over a year ago 
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