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This harry potter contra crepúsculo fotografia might contain diagrama de venn and diagrama venn.

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When me and my friend Fiona were in the sixth grade, we decided to write a fanfiction about the Twilight characters going to Hogwarts. (We were both major Twilight fãs then.) I wasn't the best writer in those days, so the beginning of the fanfic isn't great, but it gets better as we go along.
You'll notice that our seprate entries can get a bit confusing at times, and that's because we were composição literária por e-mail because she lives six hours away from me, and we were just making it up as we went along. Fiona is composição literária about the character Peace, and I am using the character that I use for EVERYTHING,...
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 As you can see, some of his Niffler genes are actually visible. If you'll look to his stomach...
As you can see, some of his Niffler genes are actually visible. If you'll look to his stomach...
OK, so many Harry Potter/vampire fãs (like myself) will probably agree that Edward Cullen is not a real vampire. The only similarities that Edward and other vampiros have is the liking of human blood. I suppose Meyer was trying to be original, and I don't mean to offend anyone who does like the sparklepyres.

Why Edward Cullen is a niffler

Before I state my actual reasons, I should probably tell anyone who doesn't know what a niffler actually is. For this I have my trusty Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them book:

M.O.M. Classification: XXX [Which means a competent wizard should cope...
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posted by Sophia21
Ah well, in the name of justice now I will take it a little bit against Harry Potter. For starters I will only mention consistency errors or plot mistakes. Scientific and lore mistakes will be included later. HEY! They are 7 very long books, and unlike Twilight were mistakes were easy to spot amongst the constant lovey-dovey of Bella and Edward, Harry Potter has a lot of information going around. Now then.

1)Where did Voldemort stick his wand?
Explanation: Yeah the título doesn't give a very nice image. But seriously. Voldemort went on a solo mission to kill the Potters and their baby. Due to...
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Okay so I've come to realize how all of this is just pointless. People seem to only compare Twilight and Harry Potter because the two are popular. That is a main reason why those two are being compared now. Now to me I have really found this to be pointless. People are comparing a romantic fiction story to a fantasia fiction story.

Now when I realized this is when a comment was made por a user who goes por the name: justmandi23
on the topic "1000 reasons why twilight is better than harry potter" So what she wrote just made me realize what I did. I posted like a lot of reasons in the topic, "1000...
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