So, I stated my opinion on why Twilight is better than Harry Potter (there are so many haters on here!) and a lot of people wanted specific reasons, so here it is.

First of all, Twilight is about love. Real love. From what I understand, the "love" in Harry Potter isn't much. Edward would do anything for Bella. Die for her. How I see it, I know Ron and Hermionie get together, but he seems like a horrible person for her.

And while I was talking about Hermionie, here's something else. She's a week character. Unlike Bella, who struggles every day. Hermionie has no problems, the only things she has are self-created. She follows Harry into his troubles. Big whoop.

And Harry, unkile Edward, drags everyone arround him into his own problems. That's horrible for someone whose suposed to be the hero!

And Voldemort, he's just violent! I hear a lot of people die, who wants to read about that? I mean, people die in Twilight, but come on, those are small things readers can handle. But Harry Potter? That's just depressing.

The only good thing I find about Harry Potter is that Robert Pattinson plays Cedric. And I have no idea why he did that.

Those are a few of my opinions.