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Hans mural

big smile
kaytlyn2342 said …
I started leitura "A Frozen - Uma Aventura Congelante Heart" for the third time and every time I read a Hans chapter, I find out something new. Posted over a year ago
Simmeh commented…
I just finished it last night! :) over a year ago
kaytlyn2342 commented…
I forgot what chapter i'm on over a year ago
AaronHaley4ever said …
I started leitura A Frozen - Uma Aventura Congelante coração last night and came across one chapter where Hans was described as having blue eyes and i was like *facepalm*. What's wrong with you, Disney?! It's sad that even a novellization can't (or won't) get his eye color right :,( Posted over a year ago
3xZ commented…
Oh, you've read it? I haven't, though I am interested to. Don't have the right time yet. Is it recommended? About his eye colour, I know that many 'Disney officials' get his wrongly for unknown reason... :( over a year ago
AaronHaley4ever commented…
^ Most Hans fãs would reccomend it, but I don't. My reasons why are too long to fit in a mural post, but I'll post a review in the artigo section soon. over a year ago
kaytlyn2342 commented…
I know! I'm goin HIS EYES ARE GREEN! UGH! over a year ago
kaytlyn2342 said …
I amor this club because every time i visit, i find something new Posted over a year ago