343 Guilty Spark
Halo CEA Terminals

Terminal#1: Level Pillar of Autumn
Location= On the bridge. At the open COM desk, the screen will be flashing “Incoming Message”.
Terminal#2: Level Halo
Location= Inside the Forerunner cave/tunnel. The terminal will be before you get to the ramp where you have to jump the small gap with the Warthog.
Terminal#3: Level The Truth and Reconciliation
Location= In the command center of the ship up the ramp where the Elite Zealot with the sword is. It will be flashing in front of your face when you get to the topo, início of the ramp. I’m not talking about the brigue, brig where Captain Keyes is being held. The terminal is before that.
Terminal#4 Level The Silent Cartographer
Location= When you come across the 1rst group of Hunters, it will be to the left of them on the side of the mural on the large structure.
Terminal#5 Level Assault on the Control Room
Location= When you are at the base of the Shrine that contains the Control Room, you will see a large ramp looking thing that inclines all the way up towards the topo, início of the Shrine and the bottom of the ramp thing goes into an opening in the ground. Go into the opening and you will see some dead Marines and the Terminal sitting in the Middle of the hole.
Terminal#6 Level 343 Guilty Spark
Location= Before you exit the underground facility to go to the surface where the Marines are, you will need to use the elevator that you will need to exit to jump up onto the roof of where the door is concealed. The elevator can be sent up and down as many times as you need it to.
Terminal#7 Level Library
Location= The 3rd floor of the facility. When you get off the large elevator and walk out into the open, it will be as plain as dia on the other side of the massive room. Just jump over the barriers until you reach the Terminal. Be careful not to fall off into the large opening in the ground and you may need to crouch jump.
Terminal#8 Level Two Betrayals
Location= When you start the mission, kill all the sentinels in the room and follow the circular platform all the way to the back. The Terminal will be right there.
Terminal#9 Level Keyes
Location= When you get to where Capt Keyes is being held inside the Proto Gravemind, face the Gravemind at the bottom of the ramp and the Terminal will be inside the right trench in the ground.
Terminal#10 Level Maw
Location= When you reach the Cryo room,(where the Master Chief Starts out at the beginning of the game) the Flood and Sentinels will be fighting each other. Head up one of the ladders and go into the cryo control room. The Terminal will be around the screens that have information about Spartan Linda 058 and the Master Chief. And congrads!! You now have all the Terminals.
I hope that this was not to confusing and I hope it helps. POWER TO THE HALOVERSE!!!