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Dia das bruxas
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A few years ago, on Dia das bruxas night, some o my friends and I were having a Dia das bruxas party. Right after we got back from trick or treating, we had a scary movie marathon. Friday the 13th (the new one), the Dia das bruxas movies, Freddy Vs. Jason, and A Nightmare on Elm st. (the new one). After Nightmare was over, we had soda and doces and pizza the went to bed. Around midnight, I woke up from a horrible dream. Freddy was chasing me and he scratched me when I woke up. I felt something warm on my hand so I turned on the light, and i saw three gashes in my arm, and blood was everywhere. I screamed at the topo, início of my lungs and all of my friends woke up,but when they came over, the gashesand blood were gone, except for the blood on my hand. No one could explain it, so we went back to bed, but I'll never forget that Haloween night.
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