anatomia da grey favorito quote from Don't Deceive Me?

Pick one:
I'm trying to look at Bailey's teets on the internet.
So tell her. Do not wait until this kid comes out looking all Sloan-y.
Oh good lord, he got to you too.
I didn't plan this, ok? I didn't plan any of this, but there's a mighty oak or...
Don't give me Bailey eyes.
Lesbian lover. Baby daddy.
It's like turning off the TV when Clarisse is knocking on the door of the...
I don't want to be the cool uncle. The cool uncle's only cool until the kid's...
How can Meredith and I try for months and not have any luck and you look at ...
Shut up. Just shut up. You don't get to tell me that we're not together. We are..
How the hell did you get me in this position twice?!
No, just that much of an idiot
You need to get over this thing where you're just thinking of her as your wife,..
Not like a weed... like a mighty oak.
Everything in my life is always a disaster. I really don’t want this to be a...
I'm mad, that you slept with someone else. And I know that we were broken up...
Would you rather I’d slept with a busty redhead?
Callie is pregnant with Mark’s kid. It was while we were… you know. I love...
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 Melissa666 posted over a year ago
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