For his wish, Caleb was able to meet his favorito football team, the Green baía Packers in person.

From the minuto Caleb stepped onto the Packers’ famous Lambeau Field, he was in awe. Throughout the whole tour Caleb was treated like a VIP, and when he visited the locker room, he was surprised to find a locker set aside for him, complete with a personalized Packers jersey and football. From then on, he felt mais like a player than a guest.

When he was taken down to the Packers’ practice facility, Caleb was finally able to meet the team and was even given the special task of going on the practice field and breaking the Packers’ huddle.

Though a little starstruck, Caleb ran progressivo, para a frente when Coach Mike McCarthy called for him and broke the huddle with “1, 2, 3, go Pack!”

Afterwards, he was able to chat with Coach McCarthy and some of the other players, including quarterback Aaron Rodgers and placekicker Mason Crosby.

Out of everything that he experienced, Caleb’s favorito moment came at the team jantar after practice when many of the other players came over to him to introduce themselves and sign his football, including one of his favorites, linebacker Clay Matthews, who stayed to chat. For Caleb, his football wish is now a dream-come-true.

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