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Grace furgão, van Pelt & Wayne Rigsby Pergunta

After Rigspelt break up (Hightower's ultimatum, Grace's decision) do they get back together??

 basketballstar posted over a year ago
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Grace furgão, van Pelt & Wayne Rigsby Respostas

JandyAddictedx3 said:
I have no idea, I hope they did, but I don't know. I guess we'll know about their situation in the seguinte season, maybe the writers will come out with something great for them, like they did get back together without anyone knowing ... Who knows ?
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posted over a year ago 
but Fiona, eventually they are gonna run outta ideas. i mean, how on earth can they get back together? its against the rules, and hightower has told them whats going to happen if they continue a relationship. now unless the new AG is like a family member, or good friends with rigsby, then there is no other way grace will break the rules. i cant see them getting back together any time soon
Lisa200 posted over a year ago
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