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Gotham What did you think of 5x07: Ace Chemicals?

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 DarkSarcasm posted faz 7 meses
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DarkSarcasm picked It was okay.:
They just keep on teasing this amazing it's-the-Joker-but-we-can't-say-it's-the-J­oke­r thing... and I remain unimpressed with Jeremiah as a whole. Jerome, I loved. The evil-twin switcheroo they pulled was just so ridiculous. Maybe I'm unable to enjoy Jeremiah because I'm still pissed about that? I don't know. But Jeremiah continues to be completely underwhelming. The motivations for tonight's big show were weird and I don't even care enough to try to figure it out. Whatever, just gimme some Zsasz, he seems to be the only character who brings me true Gotham-y joy these days. (Props to Monaghan though, for doing great work on two very different characters. The fact that I love Monaghan and still hate the character is a great testament to his acting ability, 'cause there's usually a lotta crossover in that department.)

Otherwise... some good Selina stuff. The Pregnancy is worthy of that glorious eyeroll Selina gave at some point. The Jim/Lee stuff, even more so. Selina and a few Barbara lines ("SHUT UP.") saved this from being declared a disappointing episode.
posted faz 6 meses.
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Bibi69 picked Liked it.:
Still can't stand Jervis and Ecco. Which they would just bring Zsasz and Jonathan back.

I think this was the most Joker-y Jeremiah ever got, not as good as Jerome, never will be. But it wasn't as bad as other times.

I loved the teaming up of Ozzy and Eddy again! :P

Still thing the whole pregnant thing is ridiculous. As is Jim and Lee.

The last scene and the Selina/Barbara scene were definitely the best ones of tonight. It was between like and ok, I went with like because I really was excited to see the Murder Husbands again, and I'm looking forward to the teaming with Babs, because..... I did not see that coming.
posted faz 6 meses.
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Pith picked Liked it.:
I'm not a Jeremiah fan (or Jerome, so I'm not really comparing), but this was one of Jeremiah's better showings to me. Jim bored me as usual, but at least the villains were amusing.

Although I don't remember seeing Barbara in that scene at the very start of the season where Jim, Oswald, Edward, and Harvey were all getting ready for battle, so she'll (sadly) probably meet some cliched end before the finale.
posted faz 6 meses.
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SherlockStark picked It was okay.:
I was so looking forward to this episode - Jeremiah doing the ace chemical scenes, seeing Jervis again, etc. But it just...wasn't as great as I wanted it to be.
I agree, the motivations behind Jeremiah's show were weird and hard to follow from what we have seen from him so far. When did he drop from criminal mastermind to I'm so lonely I must make Bruce be my friend??
Only seeing Jervis for that one minute was rude. He needed more screen time.
Jim Gordon's love triangle needed LESS screen time.
The two quick Nygmobblepot scenes bumped the episode up from "disappointing."
posted faz 6 meses.
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