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I HATE VANESSA! Always have and always will!! In the anterior episode she said that she's over Serena and the NJBC but obviously she's not! How can she destroy her best friend and her ex like that? I mean she's jealous of Serena she always was but Nate and Dan? How could she play with them like she never had any feelings for any of them! And Jenny too! I mean Jenny is always trying to destroy everyone and especially people who amor her like Eric last ano and now Dan?! Seriously how selfish and mean can someone be? She's not a cadela, puta in a seducing way like Blair and she'll never be. She tried...
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A Million amor Songs Later

A/N: So I started my new story this week and so glad people liked it. And I know some of you are pissed that Vanessa is on it, but I amor her and she is dating Nate so I had to include her. So I hope you enjoyed that one. But now I've got a lot mais free time so I can write both of these. Okay so to this chapter. Finally I've wanted to do this for a while but I just didn't have the opportunity to but now I have an excuse, with Dan & Katie out of town and Nate & Serena too we all know that leaves... Chuck and Blair. So this is all them. So I hope you all like...
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posted by szmootyi
 Nan Zhang
Nan Zhang
You know, that Asian-looking girl who sometimes hangs out with Blair... but is she really Asian?
Well, her name is 'Kati' and it might sound a bit Japanese, but actually it's a Hungarian name.(Hungary is a small Eastern European country)
Her surname is 'Farkas'(source: imdb), which is also a Hungarian word. It means 'wolf'.
So the pergunta is: why does an Asian actress (Nan Zhang) play a Hungarian character? Probably the creators thought 'Kati' must be a Japanese name LoL
But I'm really glad that I've found something Hungarian on Gossip Girl cause I'm from Hungary, too...:)
---I had to share this... LoL---
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