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nicole_01 posted on Mar 28, 2011 at 06:05AM
I have being a girl dream but the dream is always a same dream , being a fashion model. At the same time, I was perplexed by it all the time. This painful and happy feeling makes me almost crazy. Fact is always fact, That I was a poor student covers thick gloomy shadow to my heart. To be more terrible, everyone around me, including my relatives, consider that I am imagining something visional each day. Due to worse reality, my wings of dream were nearly broken off. I thought I had no power to continue any more. At this time, wonder comes to me. One day, I entered an online store named wholesale-dress.net casually. My eyes was caught by its trendy clothes. “It’s mine ” popped out of my brain. I was surprised by its price. The unite price of a large part is less than $10. My eyes were lighted. But I found that my money was too limited to buy them but I find an Affiliate program on this page link. One month later, I got my long-cherished clothes through this program. Suddenly, It seems I had been a model on T-style stage. And now, I believe everything is possible.

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