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DirtyDiamond posted on Mar 02, 2011 at 06:31PM
This is the ultimate question: why do you ship the GG couples that you ship?
I think that this question is a good thing because it will give all the shippers out there a chance to explain their reasons. This way, people against the couple will see why there are people that like that couple, and, hey, maybe they'll switch!
Just no bashing of other people's opinions, please :)
(but you are allowed to debate against other couples, just not their supporters)

Here we go! :D

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over a year ago anna_tvd said…
Chuck and Blair.

They have been together through some of the hardest points in each of their lives. They know how to take care of each other like no one else. Though Dan/Blair might be funny and exciting for the time being, they will never complement each other like Chuck and Blair.
over a year ago wangjiwei said…
C is chuck bass he is seemingly the most heartless flower heart self-indulgence, actually the great-hearted devoted person, he ever care about most things is money, money can buy happiness, and friend nate, Blair he began to tell you that never eight letters three words, but when those three words said finally, after all the people to export his side completely forget hateful to family love, he is very cherish treasure friendship for fear of losing to dare not facelink

over a year ago leanneheward said…
i love jenny and nate. i think there both are there best when there together. and there storys are boring when there not together. i think the have more chemisty than with any oher people on the show. i just love them :)
over a year ago Kackahaluzova said…
Serenate, Chair, Dair.