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KaterinoulaLove posted on Sep 09, 2010 at 12:47PM
Hello and welcome to the Gossip Girlies` Thread! =D
This Is A Place for Us, Fans, To talk and meet each other better. All You have to Do to be a member here is Loving Gossip Girl :*
We don`t want debates,fighting about couples or Teams And stuff.DOn`t be Rude Or Offensive or You are Not welcome.
No people bashing.You can disagree on some things but nothing major,this is a Thread when we can Grow Love Between us fr a Show we love :* It`s not a warzone xP

If You want to Be added on the list Just tell Me And I will :D

Members` List.
- KaterinoulaLove - Katerina
- ranstell2703 - Stella
- LaPiccolaFra -Francesca
- Elean -Eleana
- crazy8gurly -Maya
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over a year ago ranstell2703 said…
I'm Stella
I'm a Endgame fan
And I'm young

Nice to meet yall
over a year ago LaPiccolaFra said…
Hi everyone!
I'm Francesca (you can call me Fra or Fran) and I'm Team Trifecta ;)
Nice to meet you!
over a year ago KaterinoulaLove said…
Hiii Stella :* I`m Katerina ♥
Nice To meet You :*
Where Are You From !?
over a year ago KaterinoulaLove said…
Hii Fra :* So nice Meetng You :P
And You came Now i am here too and t`s Nice xD
over a year ago Eleana said…
I'm Eleana(Katerina know's me)
And i love GG!
over a year ago crazy8gurly said…
big smile
Hi I am Maya..I am a university Student..I struggle with studying lol

Nice to meet all of you GG fans
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over a year ago crazy8gurly said…
Any body from German here ? this semester I am taking German course and it is really really difficult subjetc..it is a difficult language to learn :(
over a year ago KaterinoulaLove said…
Hi Eleana :D Thanks for coming :*
And Hii Maya :*It`s so Nice to meet you :* A university student HUh ? I guess this is Great :P I`m at first class of high school :) A freshman ♥
And blah German ? I honestly don`t like German..
Good luck with it :/