gossip girl - a garota do blog help!i'm getting married.which dress is better?

ladygagalol posted on Aug 27, 2010 at 07:46AM
I'm getting married this year. hah :

pls tell me which one looks nice on me?thank-u :

the red:link

or this one:link

I‘m not doing ads here,but asking for advises.xxx pls forgive me if it's wrong to write here thanks

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over a year ago Drina said…
the red one :)
over a year ago BubblyVicky said…
Red one - definitely!
The other one is for summer.

And congratulations!
over a year ago ladygagalol said…
thanks hah
over a year ago allison152 said…
I would totally go for the red one!
It's more elegant and stylish.
over a year ago ranstell2703 said…
LOL really

getting married in those dress ?

Anyway prop to the blue one. it yell FREEDOM
over a year ago Itconsumesme said…
I think the red one would be better but both are not really that appropiate for a wedding I think?

Anyway, congrats xD
over a year ago ultimateyou said…
Firstly I would like to say congrats­ to­ yo­u o­n g­ett­ing­ ma­rri­ed.­ I ­hop­e t­hat­ th­e d­ay ­wil­l b­e e­ver­yth­ing­ yo­u h­ope­ fo­r. ­For­ dr­ess­ ad­vic­e I­ wo­uld­ sa­y t­hat­ th­e r­ed ­dre­ss ­wou­ld ­be ­nic­e f­or ­a w­edd­ing­. T­he ­ruf­fle­s a­re ­gor­g. ­How­eve­r m­y o­nly­ do­wns­ide­ wo­uld­ be­ th­at ­it ­may­ be­ a ­lit­tle­ sh­ort­. Y­ou ­wou­ld ­hav­e t­o w­ear­ ti­ght­s o­r s­ome­thi­ng.­ On­the­ ot­her­ ha­nd ­may­be ­thi­s d­res­s m­igh­t s­uit­e y­our­ ta­ste­s. ­-




I really hope my advice has helped. It's your descision though.

Best of luck xxx