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Radvile posted on Jun 27, 2010 at 07:48PM
Summit OLNY ONE quote. You summit your quote and put an ICON of who said it. That's all.

Round 1- Pilot (S01E01)- Gossip Girl: And who am I? That's one secret I'll never tell ... You know you love me. XOXO, Gossip Girl. mdigs73
Round 2- The Wild Brunch (S01E02)- Chuck: Don't mock the scarf Nathaniel. It's my signature. LaPiccolaFra
Round 3- Poison Ivy (S01E03)- Chuck Bass: Why should I be chosen to be an usher? I'm Chuck Bass. Nibylandija
Round 4- Bad News Blair (S01E04)- Blair: YOU TAKE EVERYTHING FROM ME! Katyb617
Round 5- Dare Devil (S01E05)- Serena to Dan: There's something vibrating in your pocket and I really hope it's your phone. Radvile
Round 6- The Handmaiden's Tale (S01E06)- Dan: Vanessa, wait! Why don't you wait... because you're not Vanessa. Sorry. Case of mistaken identity; ironically, not involving masks. Klema
Round 7- Victor/Victrola (S01E07)- Blair: Thanks for the lift home. Chuck: You were... amazing up there. Nibylandija
Round 8- Seventeen Candles (S01E08)- Blair: Do you like me?
Chuck: Define "like"! Nibylandija
Round 9- Blair Waldorf Must Pie! (S01E09)- Serena:[to Dan, drunk, in flashback] Bye, Dave! BlairChuckFan
Round 10- Hi, Society (S01E10)
Round 11- Roman Holiday (S01E11)
Round 12- School Lies (S01E12)
Round 13- The Thin Line Between Chuck and Nate (S01E13)
Round 14- Desperately Seeking Serena (S01E15)
Round 15- All About My Brother (S01E16)
Round 16- The Blair Bitch Project (S01E14)

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