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gossipgirl95 posted on Jun 20, 2010 at 04:18PM
I Thought of This for Fun!

On TV Fanatic.com They Have a Caption Contest.
They Put Up a Picture and You Think of Something Funny to Say That The Characters Are Saying or Thinking.

So I'll Put Up a Picture and You All Can Think of Something to Say.
Let The Game Begin!
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over a year ago gossipgirl95 said…
Have Fun!
 Have Fun!
over a year ago TeamEndgameFan said…
Blair:Your Makeup Looks Like Crap!
Jenny:Really!?Well,I Just Banged Your Boyfriend!

I Know,That was Lame.
over a year ago littlemizqt said…
HAHA dat was quite funny, nice one whats the picture??
over a year ago gossipgirl95 said…
It's From "The Goodbye Gossip Girl".
over a year ago TeamEndgameFan said…
Thanks ^littlemizqt^!
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