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ranstell2703 posted on Jun 01, 2010 at 01:49PM
Fiction : Nate Archibald is finally setting down with Jenny .He is throwing a party for her, but he still have feeling for Serena. And in the party, he kinda invited Serena to come, but she said no. Because she is in trouble and need Nate to the rescue

Jenny Humphrey at the ball
Try to dance and not to fall
While she dancing had she saw?
Her boyfriend Nate making a call

“What he saying ? ” – “I don’t know
He looked worried but don’t say so
Cause if you ask him what is wrong
Nate Archibald won’t be so strong “

There come Chuck Bass with his Blair
They both look hot but who will dare
To ask these two to go away
Cause Archibald ain’t gonna stay

He run and run to S’s house
He found her wallet and her sound
He run and run, he saw a man
Is kissing S and don’t pretend

He move slowly , near to him
He saw Serena kissing him
Than he shout “I’ll call your mother”
And hey turn out it is our Carter

He ask Serena what did happen
Carter say “ use your imagination
I told her I’ll get rid of you
We’re together, don’t get confuse”

In that moment, he relize he been used
For no good reason, now he is confuse
He can’t believe Serena is a fool
For letting Carter jump in her pool

What can you say ? Serena rules ?
Now Nate had relize the sex ain’t cool
He get his ass back to the party
And saw little Humphrey drinking tea

He now join her and kiss her lips
She was surprise but hey, what gifts?
He say “just Thanks for be my bud
Wants to join my for a hot Chocolate Fudge ? “

They having “dinner over night”
Forget the party, forget the fight
Now Archibald only Care
About J Humphrey, the girl sit on the chair

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