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Rocka_Chik posted on Apr 26, 2010 at 04:09PM
The first topic is y Vanessa is annoying.
Say anything you want about y she gets on your nerves.

Then people must mail me the person who they thought had the best reason and they'll get props(sorry no better prize!)

Make your reasons valid and interesting and try not to repeat what others say.
The cool part tho is that the point is to see who catches the most attention for thier reason.

So...wen i say don't repeat wat others say i mean u CAN steal their ideas but make it sound more interesting LOL

Have fun guys and you have 5 days to respond.

Deadline(30 April)

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over a year ago littlemizqt said…
I don't like vanessa because she really boring and has a really really boring story line
over a year ago Rocka_Chik said…
She's annoying bcoz she always got in the way of Dan and Serena. then she pretends that she's gonna but out but only bcoz she wants to be with Dan uuuurgggghhh!!!!!
over a year ago ranstell2703 said…
BORING ~ and she killed Nate and Jenny