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iLoveChair posted on Feb 01, 2010 at 04:00PM
Since people showed interest for this game in link, here we are having a brand new game/contest on our spot which I hope will keep us active.

The first theme is chosen by me, the winner of each round chooses the next one
- The theme can be an episode, only one scene, one or more characters, whatever you want from the show, but it's better to be more specific.
You have 4 days to add your icons here
- The icons must be made by you
- Icon size: 100x100
- No icons you've used in the past
- Only one icon submission per round
The pick is up
- You have 3 days for voting
- Do not vote for yourself!
The winner chooses the next theme
- If the winner doesn't choose the next theme within 24 hours, I'll decide what will be the next one.
- The winner is allowed to participate in the next round
- It'll be very nice if everyone who participated in the round gives props to the winner, cause we don't have another way to reward the winner. :)
GG caps
- link
- link
- link
- link

[Round 1] Pilot: link
[Round 2] Debutante Ball 1x10: link
[Round 3] B/S OR C/N friendship in S1: link
[Round 4] The White Party: link
[Round 5] Rolling Stone photoshoot: link
[Round 6] Blair's party (2x03): link
[Round 7] Snowflake Ball: link
[Round 8] Real life OFFICIAL GG couples: link
[Round 9] The Assassin game: link
[Round 10] Faceless: link
[Round 11] Crying/Extremely sad; link
[Round 12] Least favorite main character: link
[Round 13] Prom: link
[Round 14] 2008 Press Conference: link
[Round 15] Physical fights: link
[Round 16] Blair Waldorf Must Pie: link
[Round 17] Chuck in 1x13: link
[Round 18] Vanessa Abrams: link


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