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mikee21 posted on Apr 19, 2009 at 07:45PM
Point out the Difference in the show and in the book

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over a year ago Shandiii said…
Through out the whole series Nate goes between Blair & Serena like every other book.
Chuck was barely in the book, was bisexual, and had an awesome monkey named Sweetie.
Dan wrote poems all of the time, drank coffee & was always smoking cigarrettes.
Vanessa was bald, and so much better in the books!! She was awesome, and actually interesting.
Dan & Vanessa dated in the books, and they were really cute together.
Eric was actually Serena's straight older brother, away in college.
Aaron had red dreadlocked hair, smoked herbal cigarettes and was really awesome & nice.
Blair & Vanessa ended up being friends...
Jenny was a brunette, who took a bunch of chest enhancement pills and they worked a little too well.
I know there are more... pretty much the show is going in a completely different direction than the books.
over a year ago shahin2569 said…
Eleanor got pregnant & they named the baby Yale as a good luck charm so Blair would get in. Then her parents adopted twins and named them Ping and Pong. lol Also, Blair loses her virginity to Nate not on purpose it just kind of happened just like the whole her & Nate having sex @ the ball just happened.
over a year ago nateismyboyfd said…
Sounds like the book is better than the show!
I LOVE the plot of Nate+Serena+Blair!!!
I don't understand why Dan is the main male character in the show instead of Nate!!!!!!!
over a year ago crazychlo said…
omg vanessa was actually interesting??!! thats a change she is sooo incredibally boring on the tv show. I wish chuck had the monkey on the show!!!