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designer_diva posted on Feb 04, 2009 at 05:42PM
According to Entertainment Weekly, Michelle has signed a multi-episode deal for the show, and will be returning later in the season.

There’s also a rumor that Georgina is Lily and Rufus’ love child but i don't think so as we know the adoptive parents of lilly and rufus's child and we saw georgina's mother in season 1 and they are not the same person.


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over a year ago johnsgirlalways said…
plus they said the love child was a boy so that cant be right.
over a year ago LittleDancer123 said…
The love child is a boy, yes... but it could still be right, you know.
Maybe there's something Georgina's not telling us?
That one is full of surprises :oP


Noo, I'm just kidding (obviously)... I hear she's coming back to HELP Serena and Blair with something... should be interesting :o)
over a year ago waldorf said…
I still like the "George Sparks (G used to be a boy)" theory, unlikely but hilarious. :P
over a year ago livelovelaugh said…
yeh i read that it was to help s and b and besides it cant be g she is the same age as s and d there love child is older
over a year ago 5thAvenue said…
I wish they didn't do that. That chapter was closed :s
over a year ago Jovi_may said…
Im glad georgie's coming back shes my second fav on the show!!!!
my first being blair of course..x