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karrer_0915 posted on Feb 04, 2009 at 04:50PM
See fully the 18th gather and I feel that DAN is really an unfaithful person.He just broke up with SERENA.Then, he visits to RACHEL's house.RACHEL kisses him to a while and then take place sexual behavior with her.Doesn't he have the feeling that once thinks SERENA ? SERENA has no alternative to separate with him.Can he not respect SERENA ? His behavior really makes me cut up rough.He is a heartless man.

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over a year ago Jovi_may said…
Derena have never been my fav couple or characters for that matter but i agree!!
How could he do that D:
I hope she gets back at him..Lol..:)
over a year ago xpetfishnemox said…
I know, i can't believe Dan! But i hate Rachel even more - she was Serena's friend! I think Derena got to a point where they couldn't move forward really. But i hope they don't get back together cause he really doesn't deserve her - she has to get a new fit BF!! :)
over a year ago AnnaK said…
Ahhh-.i was so mad at dan.seriously. i loved derena from the first episode on but at the moment i really want to slap dan. how could he do that to serena? Him hooking up with random girls is so unlike dan...eventhough i love the idea of the old dan with serena, i have to admit that right now serena deserves someone better than him..

but without a doubt, it will just be a matter of episodes until the two get back together...because thats always the case with dan and serena:-/
over a year ago xSOFAx said…
I was so mad at Dan for doing that! i remained speechless for the rest of the day. I love Derena but this way he doesn't deserve her.
Dan is an ass for hurting her like this. he does it every time he breaks up with Serena. in Summer kind of wonderful, after Never Been Marcused and now again! It's like he celebrates when he breaks up with serena or something..
over a year ago AnnaK said…
AMEN. dan needs to get over himself. serena is pretty, and probably the sweetest person ever..he had crush on her for like ever and somehow he finds impossible ways mess around with serena..seriously first: no girlfriend at all, then he scored the prettiest girl ever and now he continues to have strange flings? he is hurting serena and i can't believe how strange he got. i mean they were my fave couple but dan is just behaving like a jackass right now. i say new guy for serena,someone who actually deserves her.

he literally tried everything to get her back and seduces the teacher/has an affair with his girlfriends mentor? he is insane.

dan get back to the guy u used to be and try to get back with serena..but please not until next season..coz u have a lot to make up!!