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LittleDancer123 posted on Oct 12, 2008 at 08:16PM
Okay, this is random, but I wondered how many people from here also read/watched/wrote/made fanfiction and fanvideos about GG...
I know a couple that do, but I'm new to this haha!!
You could also post a link to yours/your favorite fanfiction and fanvideos... or to your profile pages or YT channel if you want :o)
I like reading and watching new stuff, so this would also help me find them lol!!
Lovess, LittleDancer-123x

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over a year ago ChuckBlairLuvA said…
haha. you probably know mine already, but...;p



and I put most of my stuff on here too, so yeah...cheers! ;p
over a year ago colorme256 said…
Hi! I haven't made a trailer, but that does sound like an interesting idea.

I've written two fanfictions for GG - a oneshot and a longer story still in progress. The longer one, well, it's about Serena and her time at boarding school before the pilot aired.

Enjoy! If you like it please feel free to review it. I'd love your thoughts.

Fanfiction.net profile:
over a year ago charlene17 said…
i saw this really cute vid on youtube and it did got me hooked with chuck and blair. here's the link