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mandyy posted on Jun 22, 2008 at 04:27PM
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Apparently, the original script had a completely different ending, according to Gossip Girl casting director Renee Godbout.

Below, Godbout described how Season 1 of Gossip Girl would have ended had they gone with the original script.

Serena & Dan

In the original script for the season finale, Serena (Blake Lively) does not catch Dan (Penn Badgley) hooking up with Georgina (Michelle Trachtenberg), but Dan confesses it to Serena anyway.

Godbout thinks the way the events went down in the version that aired was a better, more dramatic choice - it allowed S to call her nemesis a “crazy, manipulative bitch.”

More confrontation = more drama.

Chair Speaks

Blair & Chuck

The part of the “Much I Do About Nothing” script that was entirely rewritten involved Blair (Leighton Meester) and Chuck (Ed Westwick). They were supposed to rendezvous at the airport, not the helicopter pad.

Chuck gets stuck in traffic on his way to the airport because of a car accident en route. He sees Lily (Kelly Rutherford) at the scene, crying.

A stunned Chuck gets out of his limo only to find out that his father has been killed in the car accident.

Needless to say, Chuck doesn’t make it to the airport on time. Thinking that Chuck is back to his womanizing ways, Blair instead decides to spend the summer with Carter Baizen - the dude who bilked Nate (Chace Crawford) out of thousands at that poker game.

Godbout isn’t sure why the Gossip Girl powers that be decided to change the script. Perhaps they wanted to keep Bart Bass around to create more conflict between Rufus (Matthew Settle) and Lily.

there both so different
i wonder if Carter is going to return at all in season 2
and whether this means they dont plan to have Bart around for much longer

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over a year ago mesmerized said…
hopefully bart will be gone soon!! <3 lily&rufus!
i dont know which ending i like better but i guess a mixture of both. a death would bring some much needed drama because the real finale lacked that imo but i dont know this one is really too much for chuck i think.
over a year ago short_arse said…
omg that is seriously dramatic

i like that ending
i never rle liked bart and lily together
but i like the real ending too, but this one is so different
over a year ago _m_a_j_o_ said…
I liked the aired ending more, except for the part of Serena and Dan; it was so hideous when he was like: maybe I did, maybe I didn't
over a year ago hallemay550 said…
well it sure would have been more dramatic if bart bass would have died in that car accident instead of chuck hitting on their interior designer or whatever she was.
the real ending was good, and i think that it set the ground/foundation for the second season nicely.