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prisxoxo posted on May 20, 2008 at 11:15AM
S and Nate
Chuck swinging single
Amelia and ? Dan?

Dan and Vanessa cant be tgt. too predictable. besides they are "best friends" so
in the event they broke up... i doubt they will remain as friends. they need each other as friends anw.

and if dan and v are not involved with the rich, maybe their roles will not be that important next season.

blair needs a guy. maybe that pilot guy...

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over a year ago Shandiii said…
I think Vanessa and Dan will get together, she still had feelings for him when she found out he was dating Serena and did you see the look Dan made when Vanessa got into the limo with Nate? He was obviously jealous. So I think they will end up dating, maybe not right away but hopfully soon after. Dan still goes to school with the rich kids so I think his role will still be important.

I know Blair and Chuck aren't over yet... it might seem that way but I highly doubt.
I think Chuck might still be meeting Blair in Tuscany, he just said he was going to be late, not that he wouldn't meet her there.
over a year ago AnnaK said…
And i doubt that serena and dan are over..
there are good reasons why she is not going to get envolved with nate..remember how jealous b reacted when v dated nate?and i guess it would bother her way more if serena hooks up with nate..

and s would not do that to her.again...
I#m not saying that b s jealous because she is still in love with nate, its just because eventhough she kind of forgave s for sleeping with her boyfriend she is still hurt...
so NO WAY;-)
they have good chemistry, but i prefer them as friends

and as for dan and vanessa..she is still into him..thanks to the look on her face, when dan said that she will get annoyed by him eventually,it got obvious...bt dan still loves serena and so that will never happen either;-)

plus when d and s danced he didn't want to let her go,so there's still hope and lets face it the two of them are the stable couple on the show so they just needed some time apart before getting back together

and as for blair and chuck:i predict an on/off realtionship for them...they are so hot together!

well..thats just my opinion and prediction;-)
over a year ago Praesse said…
Well, Serena and Dan are over, but obviously not for good. Serena and Nate are gonna date a while, with Blair's permition who just doesn't care because she's gonna be with Chuck. Nate and Serena are gonna break up eventually, but they will be an official couple for some episodes.
Dan and Vanessa are gonna start dating eventually too.

And B&C are gonna be dating, not on/off, but they will have their drama and probably they will break up a couple of times during the season.

That's what I think.
over a year ago Praesse said…
And Amelia was just a character for one episode. She's not gonna even show up in second season. Pretty sure about it.
over a year ago Shandiii said…
Well I know if I worked for the show, I wouldn't waste anymore money putting Lydia on the show. lol.

Serena and Dan ARE over for now, did you not see when they broke up? THEY'RE OVER! Of course they'll probably get back together to make fans happy. But they're so boring!!!! Stay away from eachother!!!!!!
over a year ago Praesse said…
Yeah, they were boring. I'm more excited about Serena&Nate that I thought I'd be :P I'd like to see that couple, and B perfectly fine with that =)
over a year ago Shandiii said…
I don't know how I feel about them because I HATED them together in the books, they were so annoying. But I'll have to see more of them together on the show to see if I like them or not.
I'm sure they'll be better than Serena and Dan.
over a year ago ChuckBlairLuvA said…
Okay, well at first I think it will be Dan & Vanessa, b/c they were never really over...and Nate & Serena....b/c the way they put these guys together in the finale just seemed like they would be together for awhile...maybe not long, but for awhile. And Nate never really did get over Serena, so maybe he needs to take that for a trial run, though I much preferred Serena & Dan. They were so sweet...and my 1st fav couple on this show, before Chuck and Blair who have now dominated my life. lol. I think Chuck & Blair will be tense b/c of what he did...and then he will finally realize how he is changing and that it is a good thing...even if he doesn't change entirely, he will at least stay faithful to her. After that happens, I think they will be together for awhile at least...and will always find a way back to each other at the end of every season. So, yes. =)
over a year ago Leightonfan said…
I know Serena will still have a thing for Dan, but the spoilers were clear when it said that Nate was going with another woman.(Not Serena....or Blair) Vanessa and Dan will get together because they seemed very cosy at the end of season one. Last and Most important, Chair. They are not over yet. I'm sure they will break up eventually, but they seem as if they are going strong.
over a year ago othbabay said…
in the books serena and nate
do end up dating though.
and i hope thats not the last of b and c
they are the hottest couple,
over a year ago ceo07 said…
I think
Vanessa and Dan
Blair and Chuck
Serena and Nate
will end up together
over a year ago Shandiii said…
Yeah, now with all of the spoilers I pretty much know who's going to be together. Lol. Well, for the most part anyways.
over a year ago Lila856 said…
i really want serenate all of a sudden =]
over a year ago kary1591 said…
I want CB & NS... it might be a lot to ask for, i'm not sure, but that would be my dream come true lol
over a year ago ChuckBlairLuvA said…
Also, I can see CB breaking up eventually. But they have been deemed the Ross & Rachel of Gossip Girl, so they will always end up back together. No matter what. How's that for happy endings? ;D
over a year ago chloeclover said…
I agree with most of you-Bluck is the best couple of Gossip Girl! No other couple comes close. Do you guys think that they will last?