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posted by TempeGeller
Chapter 3: Practice

Brittany district 5

“Blaine!” Brittany knocked on the heavy black door. “Come out now!”
“What’s it Brit?” Blaine opened the door. “Why are you waking me up? It’s only 4 in the morning, is there a responsible reason to wake me up!”
“Yes!” Brittany replied “I have an idea for the perfect outfit, one that will make you look hot. That way you can impress Kurt!”
“Okay, what about only 1 comes out alive haven’t you understood.” Blaine smiled at her “The idea that idea that either Kurt or me have to die, what if we stay until the end. I won’t...
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posted by fetchgirl2366
Rachel (to Kurt the seguinte day): How's everything with Blaine going?
Kurt: We finally made up.
Rachel (to herself): And out, I bet.
Kurt: Wha--
Rachel: I have my plans set. That's what I said.
Kurt (cheerfully): Alrighty then...(He whispers to himself.) Bitch.
Rachel: What?
Kurt (pointing down the hall): Finn.

(He and Rachel look down the hall. Finn is at his locker, talking with Rory and Sam about Nationals. As soon as Finn sees Rachel waving at her, he makes a run to the cafeteria. Rory and Sam follow behind. Kurt and Rachel try to catch up.)
Rory: Finn Hudson, what's with you running from your bride-to-be?...
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posted by katiegleek
Charice played Sunshine Corazon on Glee. Sunshine threatened Rachel with her vocal abilty when she tried out for "New Directions" that Rachel ended up sending her find a Crack House. Sunshine was then recruited por "Vocal Adrenalin".

Chasters rejoice! Not only is it looking like Charice will reprise her role as Sunshine Corazon later this season on Glee, but Lea Michele herself would amor for it to happen! “I adore her,” she told‘s Chloe Melas on Oct. 22 at the 15th anniversary of Mohegan Sun. “She’s, like, the tiniest bundle of talent you could ever meet in your entire life.”

So when can we expect — or, at least, hope for — Sunshine’s triumphant return to McKinley High?

“Vocal Adrenaline will, I think, be coming back at the end of the year,” Lea revealed. “I really hope [they] come back, because that would mean that [Charice] would then come back.”
posted by gleek481
 prom couples... and quinn
prom couples... and quinn
all the dresses and the hair. he corsages and suits. it can be a little much. not for these glee kids. from the música to the dresses. here the girls best to worst dressed
lets start with britt. her dress was a lima, limão green-yellowish dress with a layer of red. it was styled much like tinker bells dress. with little red heels with a bow to finish it. her dress matched artie suit witch i will get to later even though in the begining the of the episode they were broken up. a head band with a flor was all that was needed to finish f the perfect...
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posted by blaze15
Los profesores del instituto McKinley hacen un intercambio de regalos, llamado el amigo invisible, pero la entrenadora Sue Sylvester altera el resultado, asegurándose de recibir todos los presentes. Will Schuester (Matthew Morrison) envía a New Directions a cantar villancicos alrededor de la escuela para recaudar dinero para una organización de caridad para personas sin hogar. En la Academia Dalton de Westerville , Kurt Hummel canta a dúo «Baby, It's Cold Outside» con su amigo Blaine Anderson. Will visita a Kurt buscando asesoramiento para el regalo de Sue, y Kurt le revela que está...
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posted by ilovehouse345
The glee club after rachel and them graduate. How will mr.shue handle a new club? i bet were all curious of what the club is gonna be lke after the current one leaves. well i made up one.


William Schuester walked into the school building, it was a new year, new kids, new teachers and new problems. The problem? His glee club had graduated last year, and now he was memberless. It was hard enough getting teens to cadastrar-se the last club, he didn't even want to imagine this years trouble. He put it in the back of his mind and walked to his first period class.

The sino finally rung and his...
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