oi everyone! Before I start, I would like to say, become a fã of me please!
There are people saying that they want to live like the cast of glee does on their show! I hear people asking how on earth can they live like them? In a musical life with drama that reminds you of celebrities.
There is a way! I sorted everything out por the type of person.

Nice girls are the main girls who want to be divas as much as they want to breath. How can they be divas like on glee and have the boys druling when they walk by? Be yourself!
I know that being yourself feels outrated but it's true. Sometimes, it doesn't work. I'll admit it.
Be hard to get. Boys amor what they can't have. They don't amor what they can have. It's like a McDonalds Burger. It's so easy to get and you probably already have it! Therefore, you want a big bife with cilantro and wine with your fiance giving you a diamond ring.
Be that steak. It sounds funny... but its true.

Also, treat yourself like a queen and others will too. Walk straight and look beautiful at all times. Think of yourself as a CoverGirl.

Do you want to be that person with fans? Do you want to walk around with people saying, "She/He's a great singer/dancer/performer, etc." Do you want fame in your life?
I'm a singer myself. I often sing in front of my school and at performances I'm always the one being complimented.
When you perform, you need your own style. Don't copy beyonce or rihanna just because people like them. People like them and buy their albums because they're making their very own style.
Also, you have to chose both a song, and rythym that speaks to most people. There is no such thing as a song that every person loves but you can change that.
Be yourself. Don't stand in one spot standing still when you perform. If your act isn't standing still, don't do it. mover around and dance. Be creative and know all about your speacial talent.

Popular (Not all have to be mean):
Popular runs in my family. Both sides. You don't have to be mean. The mean ones always end up either dead, or hurt. I'm sure you don't want to end up with poison in your drink because you chose to be mean about everything.
Be confident. Cocky is good. You have to be a leader. You can't walk around following people and obeying people and expect to be popular.
You have to be friends with everyone. You can't be mean and expect to be loved. Unless someone ticks you off, then you have right to be mean. They'll deserve it then.
You have to learn to start being on your own. If everyone is all around someone, don't go up too. Unless their dying, leaving, or giving out presents. People like to talk to people who could care less about them.
Don't always reply to people online. They want someone to wait around for but they wont admit it to you, God, nor themselves.
Look good. You can't be some aleatório with rags and expect to be popular.
If your not trendy, it's okay. This is the part where you need to be listening and really do this. This is the #1 thing if you don't do it, all will fail. FAIL! You have to think and say you look good. Don't say it all dia or anything... just make people know. Then, they'll think so too.

Don't tell people you're gay. It's like telling your teacher you roubou all of her pens and pencils and took her computer. She won't look at you the same.
If people already know, make them forget about it somehow. If you have a gay problem, message me or email me: DeQueenPhillips1@gmail.com

This is basically Diva and popular and gay. Follow those steps.
This step also, may sound mean but it's true. Suck your stomach in and sit straight. When you sit straight you automaticially look slimmer.

Comment what I may have forgotten and I'll do another.