Welcome, Gleeks!
To the first artigo of glee theorist.

A series of theories that has character and storylines from glee, or other TV series and movies. With that said, let’s get started!

Topic: The Reincarnation story of Finn Hudson

There are rumors about a character that is a Reincarnation to Finn Hudson, to tell the truth, the rumor is about to reveal to you…

Warning: If you never seen episodes of glee, or the film “Rio”(Witch I will tell you later.) It may contain spoilers. Reader’s descrição is devised.

Part 1: It all started with “The Quarterback”.
If you know what you have seen, it quite unknown…

If you want to see it watch the full episode online, or read on wikia: link

And this song that made the reincarnation: www.youtube.com/watch?v=V7vQt6AoSc0

Part 2: The Reveal…
For this to wait, this is the monument to reveal the Reincarnation to Finn Hudson.
The curtains rise dramatically….
And preparing to hold their breaths…
Are you ready for this moument?
Here we go….
The reveal of the reincarnation is not human….
But, it is bird, a very special bird…
His feathers are blue but i don’t lie..

The reveal is…

Tyler Blu Gunderson!
Yes.. the character from Rio is the Reincarnation to Finn Hudson…
Yet I don’t have the image but if you saw it, editar the artigo to add the image.

Part Three: To Lighting up the World to The Hot Wings
May be you ever related to the song from rio,
But if you want to see it here it is…

Two songs from two worlds…



Well that’s the far I ever write.

Comment if you like to think about the theory, enjoy! ;)